Leadership Qualities of Queen Elizabeth II

One of the greatest history leaders is the Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II. She is both a British and Commonwealth citizen who maintains 53 states in a quite diplomatic status and stays neutral. Her primary concern is to act as the Monarch of 16 countries, some of which are Abroad Areas of Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and other former colonies of the United Kingdom. The Queen is a constitutional monarch and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Furthermore, she gained the other courtesy title of Fidei Defensor. Upon her entrance, Elizabeth came to be Head of Commonwealth states as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Ceylon and South Africa. Some of her territories got independence and other turned into republics. At present, Elizabeth II is the Queen of the Solomon Islands, Belize, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, Barbados, Grenada, Tuvalu, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda.

The Queen acts as a representation of power to these countries. Moreover, she embodies those countries with the assistance of her proconsuls on each territory, granting Royal Assent to legislation of the legislative body, guaranteeing that government is running unprejudiced, justly, and in certain cases calls election process in Australia. Moreover, she has the right to verify any conflict of which her territories decide on participating. Therefore, all mentioned cases, as the Leader of State of associated areas, are better than that in Russia or other highly developed countries. This is advantageous as none of her territories would be able to proclaim war on one another if they wanted to.


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Additionally, she is a representative of free association, social equality, human rights and peace and notwithstanding her duty due to inherit, the Queen overpoweringly debates and encourages the democratic practice, a procedure that she states on numerous cases should be accepted all over the world.

As a matter of fact, Elizabeth II is in her 80s and still carries out all duties and does everything what her Realms believe of her and to this point, a single state that is in the course of reckoning the Queen with their structure is Jamaica. The state expresses that it has nothing against Her Majesty. The state wishes to just change British colony stalemates; however, they will remain an associated country of the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth II, even though not revealing an active administrative role, is a respectable leader because of her campaign of equality, free relationship, and peace and in a great measure the whole thing that characterizes the moral of human race and to embrace a third of the world in comparative peacetime for nearly half of the century. Everybody can agree that it is a great achievement. Many people discourse about establishing peace, however, a small number of them realize it, and Queen Elizabeth II has definitely reached a countless deal of stability all over the world and organizations play a great role in doing so that function beneath.

She possesses a lot of great leadership qualities as being knowledgeable, sensible, intelligent and noble. Another remarkable quality is staying calm in difficult situations. Moreover, she does not lose her head with fame or other things for that matter.

Two years later, the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee on the throne of the United Kingdom.

“As we listened to her thanking her people for their contributions to the celebrations, we felt a deep sense of pride for our long-lasting leader. Aside from the fact that she always acts with unquestionable integrity, in particular it is her dedication to her work that commands our respect” (Price, 2013, p. 167).

On a daily basis, the Queen gets 200-300 letters from the community. She reads a range of letters herself that allows her to be in contact with the ordinary people and instructs what response to writing. Practically, each letter is replied to individually by a member of her staff. Each day of each year the Queen gets program papers, official papers, telegraphs, letters and other States documents. All of these documents have to be recited and, where required, permitted and signed up. She will repeatedly spend over an hour looking over these official letters. The Queen may finish the day by meeting government ministers, or appearing in advance public appointments. In general, the Queen carries around 400 appointments per year – extraordinary information about somebody who will almost immediately be 90 years old. The Queen has calm behavior; she makes everyone relaxed by her company and brings optimistic attitude to every situation. She never asks of her admiration and respect. The Queen just gets it with no affords (Price, 2013, p. 167). According to Klenke (2011), “Some female global political leaders have held mostly ceremonial power” (p. 220). The author says about Queen Elizabeth II that she took over the monarchy at age of 25 and has ruled Britain for over five decades with nominal political power and has become an institution. However, Her Majesty is a great leader with positive leader features. In accordance with Helms (2012), “It is notable that Forbes magazine list of the most powerful women in the world includes Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom among the top 50” (p. 223).

There are a lot of lessons to learn from this respected woman. For instance, it is important to be always calm, support peace despite various negative circumstances that take place in everyday life of each person. Moreover, it is not easy to sign bulks of State documents and stay fresh and openhearted to everyone despite social position.

The leader that I have met before is my manager Hanan. We were working together at school. She is an excellent leader who is permanently premeditates the situation a few steps ahead. She works to master her surroundings with the purpose to avoid different problems before they rise. Another leader feature of Hanan is her flexibility. She easily adapts to innovative environments and circumstances and does her best to change. Moreover, she is a great communicator. She is eager to work to appreciate the requirements and needs of others. She asked me many questions, well-thought-out all decisions, and lead in the exact way. Hanan treated everybody with respect and at last got it. She is enormously enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm is spreadable. While the leader is interested and enthusiastic about the cause, people are more motivated to follow her. Hanan’s outspokenness works to study all opportunities when making decisions. She evaluated the participation from all interested get-togethers and ran for the improvement of the whole. Her skills taught me different vital features, which help me to improve my life and try to become a leader.

All above mentioned features help me in my current life to work in a proper way, to analyze problematic situations, and to think three steps ahead. I try to prevent bad situations by analyzing them before. Moreover, I became more open-minded. Her enthusiasm made me more motivated to reach a lot in my life. Today, I am more willing to work hard in order to improve my own environment and the life of people who surround me. It is not easy to be a leader, however, it gives me motivation to become better to achieve more.

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