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Leadership Unit

There are many reasons why employees chose to leave jobs and it is very evident that they opt to go because of their superiors or seniors. Poor leadership is one of the main reasons why resourceful, hardworking employees choose to leave their jobs. Most seniors do not usually treat their juniors with the uttermost respect that they deserve. They often exercise excessive authority over them. Employees are other times required to accomplish their daily duties as well as other people's duties and as a result, they end up working late. In addition, they may not be paid for the overtime work and as a result, they quit their jobs because they cannot handle the oppression and the pressure anymore (Katcher & Snyder 2007).

In such a scenario the C.E.O of the company in question ought to carry out a serious scrutiny in order to find out the real issue because most of these actions are done without their knowledge. Once the issue is identified he is supposed to make the rules and regulations very clear to his juniors and the entire staff. He is supposed to empower his employees by clearly and strictly laying out the principles that everyone from the seniors to the juniors is supposed to operate on. On addition, he is supposed to punish senior officers who frustrate and oppress their juniors in order for others to learn from it.

Other issues which encourage workers to quit also need to be dealt with like poor pay. Employees are also supposed to be clearly shown their responsibilities in order to prevent the senior officers from taking advantage of the things they don't know. Teamwork is very important because it makes every employee feel part of the company. Besides, it makes workers value good relationship because they come to knowledge that they need each other for the company's vision to be met. Finally, the C.E.O should create an environment that allows the workers to freely air out some of the issues that may be oppressing them. Such attempts will create job satisfaction (Aamodt 2009).

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