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Letter of Appreciation

In reference to the complaint letter that we wrote to you a few weeks ago concerning the low-quality Kota-Tuff carpet that you installed in one of our offices, I hereby take this opportunity to on behalf of our organization to thank you for the swift action you took to ensure that the problem has been rectified. In the letter of complaint, we had stated that the original forest green color of the carpet we had ordered from your company was spotted with rings of varying shades of white and green. This was more visible in areas adjacent to the pool and according to the product's warranty, it was clearly indicated that the product could withstand effects from the sun and water. This, however, was not the case a few weeks after you installed the carpet; it is because of this reason that we decided to write a letter of complaint hoping that your company will address the issue immediately.

We are glad and impressed by the professionalism that your company displayed in addressing the issue. Unlike other companies that rarely honor agreements between them and the client, your personnel was exemplary professional and understanding and they ensured that the product was promptly replaced. Special thanks go to the customer care department for constantly communicating with our company and giving us updates on the progress being made concerning the replacement. We also extend special thanks to your technical personnel for their efforts in ensuring that the new carpet was of the best quality and well installed.

It is our hope that our two companies will remain good business associates and this will greatly contribute to the nation's economic growth and prosperity.

Thank you

Yours Faithfully,

Sangdae Lee

Public Relations Manager

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