Romantic American Movie 1998

"You have got mail" is romantic American movie which was produced by Warner Bros in 1998.The main characters in the movie are Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox. Joe comes from a family which owns fox bookstores in the region. Kathleen, on the other hand, runs an independent bookstore (The Shop around the Corner) which was initially run by her mother. In this movie, some characters have displayed negative behaviors in one way or another. However, some behaviors manage to neutralize this negative climate.

Kathleen and Joe are ever at loggerheads because they both own bookstores in the town and were, therefore, business rivals. This situation of competition leads to rival between themselves. Both fear to lose the customer to each other. The two judges each other by just looking the surface self little knowing that each is declaring to love another through the internet. Their behavior towards each other is however reconciled when they discover whom they are. They realized that there is no reason of living such a harsh life (Iamb 2010).

One of these incidences, when a negative behavior is displayed, involves Joe Fox. Joe and Kathleen were engaged in an online courtship with Joe identifying himself as "NY152" and Kathleen as "Shopgirl". Ironically, the two persons were passing each other on their way to their respective work little knowing each other. Later, the two decides to meet in order to know each other. When Joe discovers that the true identity of Shopgirl was Kathleen, he confronted her as Joe which led to an exchange of bitter words. In this case, Joe displays his arrogance. He confronts Kathleen without enough reasons for doing so. This negative climate created after this confrontation is neutralized when Joe went to visit Kathleen while she was sick. Joe had given their relationship time to heal so that he could finally approach Kathleen. They finally arranged for their second meeting at the Riverside Park where Kathleen declared that she had wished her online partner to be Joe.

Another point where Joe displays negative behavior is when he was declaring to buy Kathleen's bookstore. Joe humiliates Kathleen by telling her that she was a bug that deserved squashing in the entire business world. In this statement, Joe undermines Kathleen. He does not care how much this statement is going to hurt her. He just threw bitter words on her carelessly.

On the other hand, Kathleen displays jealousy towards Joe Fox because over his Mega book store. She even reaches an extent of spying on the store in one dark moment to see what they sell. She is jealous because the store was posting competition on her little store.

Another negative behavior trait from the movie comes out when Joe breaks out with his first fiancée. In this case, there is spouse betrayal. The two breaks up while in a broken elevator in the apartments. Joe once again fails to control his arrogance and humiliates his fiancée.

Pride and prejudice is another vice that is prevalent in the movie. When Joe and Kathleen meet at the hotel as NY152 and Shopgirl, Joe felt hurt when he discovers that the true identity of Shopgirl was Kathleen. He was expecting her to be a stranger. Out of prejudice, he confronts Kathleen with whom they had been courting for a long time through the internet (IMDb 2010).

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