Health Risks of Makeup on Teenagers

Cosmetics are made from different ingredients and aim to change the physical appearance of individuals and make them look better in the eyes of others. Among the ingredients used to prepare makeup, some are less harmful and others are more dangerous, while some of them are not yet analyzed for their health effect on the body. Makeup has become important in human life to the extent that almost every female in the society is using it. Many people start applying makeup to their children without thinking of the harms it can cause to their skin. Basically, the most affected group in the society is teenagers. They apply different makeup with the intention of appearing more beautiful and attracting. The first and foremost reason for the teenagers to give in to this trend is influence. At the age of adolescence, youngsters opt to use makeups as a solution to gaining beauty and admiration in the society. It has resulted in the absorption of alarming chemicals by their skin and lungs. Most cosmetics are prepared from different raw materials such as food substances, vibrant colors, and different chemicals. Colors are acquired from different sources such as crushed insects and lust. Initially, animal products were among the top sources for makeup.

However, it was discouraged by to the beauty without cruelty movement.  During different seasons, there is a variety of effects cosmetics can have in various climates. However, there are no indicated side effects on the packages. Thus, many teenagers have been exposed to health problems, especially after using makeup for a long period. On some packages, the ingredients claimed to be the source of the makeup are not the actual ones leading to people engaging in the utilization of products with unsure side effects. Since it has been noted that many people becomes angry in the name of searching for beauty, teenagers should understand this. They need to search for more information about makeup to avoid health problems that can affect their lives negatively. On many occasions, such as weddings, fashion shows, and interviews, people apply make-ups to become the center of attention. Among the makeup that has been noted to cause most harm to human health are tattoos, anti-wrinkle creams, foundations, lipsticks, and nail polishes. This paper will analyze cosmetics to outline their side effects and harms they can cause to the human body.


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Many girls between the ages of 12 and 19 are under the influence of other adolescents. They tend to apply makeup without considering its effects on their bodies. Others are keen to read about the possible side effects on the packages. However, most companies do not list the real effects of makeup on the boxes. As a result, young girls ae exposed to numerous challenges such as skin reactions and diseases. Most girls who use fairness creams, sunblock and sunscreen have been recorded to suffer from allergies. At times, creams may even cause to severe pain, damage or permanent skin discoloration. This issue is torturing many people, especially young girls, when their face skin is damaged. The chemicals used during the production of the makeup are the main source of sufferings, since they are not to be applied directly to human skin (Burns, Breathnach, Cox, & Griffiths, 2010).

Makeup exposes young girls to diverse types of allergies. At times, a cosmetic substance may react to the human body affecting the skin’s color or texture. It may cause severe pain and abnormal looks. It mostly occurs when young girls decide to substitute one type of makeup with another. Considering that there are different types of cosmetics, teenagers are exposed to not only skin allergies, but also to hair and breathing-related allergies. Lotions and creams are the known to cause skin allergies, while perfumes cause breathing allergies, nasal damage, and lung problems.

Today, young girls are leading in the utilization of mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner. These types of make-up are applied onto the girls’ eyes. Many females focus on the physical appearance and presentation that they acquire after applying cosmetics. Nevertheless, these substances expose them to a high possibility of acquiring health challenges, such as blindness. Other girls wear eye lenses not for medical purposes, but for beauty. It may result in the damage of the eye or infection. Mascara usage is among the top reasons for blindness, since it contains pseudomonas aeruginosa which is a harmful bacteria. It is not possible to remove the bacteria from mascara. Therefore, it exposes those who use mascara to the risk of blindness without their consent (Marrakchi & Maibach, 2006).

Although makeup brings a unique physical appearance, it is associated with numerous challenges for young people. It is about time that young girls stood up and understood that they are naturally beautiful. It will allow them to avoid the health challenges associated with cosmetics and have a happier life. For instance, the use of makeup is among the key factors that facilitate the occurrence of skin-related chronic diseases and skin cancer. Of course, for some people, an appealing physical appearance defines good character. Beauty makes girls who they are. However, it is unhealthy to enjoy all the benefits and then suffer for a whole life. Unfortunately, makeup causes dangerous diseases such as cancer. Lipstick contains the elements of aluminum which is known to cause long-term anemia (Johansen, Frosch, & Lepoittevin, 2010). It is a chronic disease that exposes individuals to long-term suffering and even death. In addition, most of the makeup contains chemical products such as zinc oxide, barium sulphate, BHA just to mention a few. These are harmful chemicals for the body, since in many cases of long-term use, they cause organ failure. In addition, while eating, some cosmetics such as lipsticks, lip balms, and lip gloss may be swallowed by mistake. When swallowed, these substances cause respiratory diseases. Other substances such as body moisturizers can harm the endocrine system or disturb the thyroid content. Nail polish, nail paints, pedicures, and manicures make hands and feet look nice. However, some of these techniques damage nails and skin. They decrease the quality of nails making them fragile and calling for extra care or even numerous injuries.

It is necessary to admit that in the production of most cosmetics, chemicals are used. Therefore, the producing companies go ahead and advertise their products by showing the positive side of their usage. They fail to enlighten the users about the side effects that affects the body and the environment. The companies earn high profits, but expose users to numerous physical and health problems, which later initiate psychological suffering. Most companies target young girls who want to look beautiful as their ready market. They end up harming their future and current physical appearance. Since advertisements are used to capture the interest of young girls, the government should come up with a policy demanding the side effects to be included in the advertisements as a way of saving the young girls from this plotted future suffering. It is about time that people understood that makeup contains chemicals that can cause lifetime suffering. Therefore, young girls should stop using makeup and instead concentrate on natural beauty. Companies should also tell consumers the truth about the side effects and stop targeting based on a large volume of sales only.

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