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Management Essay

PETA, which stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organisation in the United Kingdom that focuses on building and protecting the rights of all animals. Basically, PETA functions under the clear principle that animals are not ours to wear, to eat, experiment on, or use them for entertainment. The organisation actually concentrates on the four issues because majority of the animals suffer badly for the longest time in laboratories, in fur trade, on factory farms, and in the entertainment industry. The greatest problem facing PETA is controlling the rate at which the animals are mishandled, especially in the laboratories. The organisation focuses its energy in campaigning against animal testing in the scientific laboratories. It has become quite frustrating for PETA to end the procedure of animal testing in the laboratories because these tests have become embedded in the global testing guidelines especially in those of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) (PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) n.d.). Basically, the OECD is an economic coalition of several countries such as Canada, the USA, and Australia that functions to enhance global consistency in several areas such as labelling, testing, and regulation of chemicals. Generally, one of the major activities that the OECD is involved in is the establishment of directives for the screening and testing chemicals’ consequences on human health and the surroundings.

Actually, PETA organisation functions via the research, legal procedures, cruelty investigations, animal rescue, celebrity involvement, and direct action. Basically, animals are part of the beauty of the environment, and sustaining their existence is significant justice to the environment. Legally, PETA infiltrates into fast-food organisations such as the MacDonald’s in order to minimize the killing of animals by introducing vegetarian options. It also infiltrates into fashion shows to promote the campaign against the use of fur for cloth making (PETA UK – stopping animal tests challenge n.d.).

During 2011, the rate at which animals were killed and used for animal tests in the UK was sky-rocketing. It was estimated that around three million animals in the UK were killed annually for animal tests; thus, ten thousand animals were killed daily. The PETA organisation had to establish a strategy that would change and slow down the rate at which animals were killed and abused for animal tests. The supporters and volunteers of the PETA organisation resolved to raise funds and fund operations that would diminish animal testing. The organisation initiated the fundraising and set the target of the amount that it expected. It also disseminated information that elevated awareness among people of their operations against animal testing. Moreover, the PETA organisation also needed other individuals to join their super group in order to intensify its fight against animal abuse and killing in the laboratories. The PETA organisation had outlined its objectives in its fight against animal testing. PETA aimed at raising approximately twenty thousand dollars through the online efforts and recruiting around three hundred online donors.

It also set out to train other fifty pledge donors monthly and educate ten vanguard society members. PETA organisation expanded its campaign against animal testing even through the social media. It communicated to people, especially its supporters, through email appeal series, direct mail, and telemarketing campaign. Consequently, PETA organisation straightforwardly embedded the activities in the social media like Facebook page via Engaging Networks’ widget technology. Basically, the organisation heartened the supporters to enhance the campaign through entrenching the widget on their individual pages. Actually, PETA organisation managed to achieve great results in its fight against animal killing. The number of supporters and the number of donations to fund its operations continually increased.

Evidently, PETA’s significant action plan against animal abuse and killing was an intense campaigning. This is because it encouraged many people to join the fight against the misuse of animals. Consequently, it minimized the rate at which people abused animals because many changed their perspective towards the life of animals. Moreover, PETA developed an action plan of exposing the activities that were conducted in the laboratories in reference to abuse of animals. The organisation set out to send its staff members undercover into the scientific laboratories and factory farms. Basically, the PETA staff members would spend several months in the research laboratories as employees of the facility creating documentations and putting on hidden cameras. The organisation performed numerous investigations that portrayed the way many scientists mistreated animals, especially during scientific tests.


The organisation considered recording these activities and exposing them as an effective method of diminishing animal killings and abuse in the laboratories. In an instance, PETA recorded scientists in the University of Pennsylvania head injury clinic inflicting brain damage on a baboon with a hydraulic device aimed at simulating whiplash. Actually, one of the animal veterinarian states that the animal was actually alert before the head injury in spite of the presence of directives for use of anaesthesia. Consequently, the facility was closed down because financial resources were suspended and the employees were fired. Basically, there are numerous recorded cases of animal abuse and killing in the laboratories that PETA released to the public that led to heavy penalties against the research facilities. This strategy reduced the rate of animal abuse in the scientific institutions. The organisation also got total approval from numerous supporters who also participated in bringing down the research facilities that were associated with animal killing and abuse. Other staff members also joined some farm factories to investigate on the conduct of the farm workers with the animals. Some animal farms were closed down and others were denied funding due to animal mistreatment.

Actually, the greatest challenge that PETA organisation encounters is the legal battles. This is because they expose the documentation regarding animal abuse in some research facilities, but these institutions are not penalized the way they deserve. It weakens the fight against animal abuse. Still, other research facilities also in turn establish lawsuits against the organisation with alleges such as fraud, conspiracy to destroy the company’s business, and abuse of employee contracts. However, the undercover strategy of PETA organisation can be termed a significant success. This is actually a direct action against animal abuse and killing because they record the real events of animal abuse and expose them to the world as concrete evidence that animal abuse is real. Moreover, the organisation has gained enormous support in their fight against animal abuse from people (Organisation for economic cooperation and development n.d.).

PETA organisation has a strong-willed and outspoken leader who strongly supports direct action in offering their services against animal abuse. Ingrid Newkirk is the leader of PETA organisation; she believes that PETA is a movement for social change, and it requires the militarism element. Actually, PETA organisation finances several activists and groups, and some of them have connections with the militant groups. PETA generally opposes animal testing, and it employs numerous avenues to diminish this form of practice. The organisation opposes animal testing procedures such as toxicity testing, applied research, or training and education on both practical and moral standings. The leadership of PETA organisation can be termed as highly vigilante in issues that concern the rights of animals. It is evident because Ingrid, who is the leader of the group, employs the direct action in handling animal abuse and killing. She states that the organisation would oppose any animal testing even though it led to the cure for AIDS. PETA also believes that it is irrelevant, unreliable, and inefficient to human health since synthetically induced ailments in animals are not similar to human. The organisation states that the animal testing is commonly unnecessary and lacks accountability, regulation, and supervision (PETA Foundation n.d.). Actually, the animal experiments are believed to enhance alternatives such as embryonic stem cell experiment and in vitro cell experiment. Surprisingly, the staff members of the organisation have offered themselves for human testing of vaccines.  For example, one of the leaders in PETA offered himself for human testing of the HIV vaccines. Apart from animal testing, the organisation has been fighting against the use of fur in the fashion and clothing industries. The reason for that it is that it involves skinning and killing these animals in order to acquire fur. It developed an action plan that would aid in minimizing the use of fur for creating clothing designs.

The organisation’s members infiltrated in numerous fashion shows in the UK, the USA, Canada, and China. Actually, the organisation used the professional models and celebrities that posed naked for the organisation’s “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign. Basically, the organisation is determined to stop the killing of animals just to satisfy the privileges of human beings. On the other hand, PETA organisation also fights against the use of animals for entertainment. This means that individuals use animals for events such as the circuses. These animal entertainment activities are specific to the area of anti-bull riding, human-animal wrestling, and chaining up wild animals. PETA organisation claims that people who use these animals for entertainment, especially in the circuses, mistreat them by beating them in order to respond. The organisation believes that people do not have the right to cage wild animals, subject them to stressful surroundings and wrestl with them. Naturally, the young wild animals are supposed to be with their mothers (PETA foundation, 2000).

Generally, PETA organisation has highly relied on the use of campaigns and direct action strategies against the abuse and killing of animals. Through campaigns, PETA organisation gained strong support from numerous people and actually increased the number of its staff members too. The increment of the staff was a significant advantage since they would expand the awareness framework. Moreover, the organisation gained numerous donors that would financially support its operations in the country. Consequently, this action plan boosted its level of performance because numerous people embraced the importance of animals in our surroundings. Still, the direct action was also an effective strategy because many scientists that abused and killed animals for their researches were brought to justice. PETA organisation was determined to overcome the abuse of animals and that is why it also involved the legal system. It exposed the rogue activities that scientists performed in their laboratories thus animal rights activists aided the organisation in fighting against animal abuse. Moreover, PETA organisation infiltrated in other companies such as fast food and clothing companies to provide alternatives that could be used instead of animal products. In an instance, the McDonalds fast-food company offered a vegetarian option in its menu. The fashion and clothing companies introduced other materials that could be used for clothes instead of fur. Basically, people have acquired information regarding animal abuse and killing, and most importantly, they are aware of the animal rights. The rate of animal abuse and killing has actually reduced, and the PETA group continually establishes strategies of fighting animal abuse and killing.

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