Reasons for Divorce in Marriage

Normally during marriage in the Christian realm, the priest pronounces that this that God has put them together no man shall put the asunder. This has never been a reality because many married couples end up divorcing after some years due to many reasons. I understand this many reasons part of them are among the reasons why they wanted to get married. Marriage joints a man and a woman spiritually, emotionally and physically through the union of their bodies, soul, and mind.

Many couples decide to get married after a moment of friendship in which, during this period they clarify to each other why the other ones wants to get married to the other one and vice versa. The major reason for marriage is companionship; to enlarge the friendship it was before, the other person to be more accountable to the other. A level of multifaceted sharing of devoted friendship and a different cohesion love between one another. However, after sometime, things change the husband or the wife starts having some personal self-indulgence, a desire to have a personal existence comes in and the existences of the other person is no more meaningful in life. This becomes the foundation of an unhappy marriage, which later ends up in divorce.

Another reason for marriage is sexual fulfillment. Sexual gratification is the key to a happy and a fulfilled marriage, but men and women have made it that if the partner does not satisfy me then I can look for somebody to satisfy my sexual desires. The values of marriage are then skewed and as a result, it becomes lustful physical desires. Because of this, some men lack commitment towards marriage and infidelity. Some even end up battering their wives, expression of physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse becomes the order of the day. These abuses are not tolerable so an individual decides to divorce and it ends the family.

Before marriage, it can also happen that the other person has not learned properly his or her partner. This can be in terms of lifestyle, intellectual compatibility, or the flexibility of the person. In learning and knowing the other person and realizing it is not to the expectation, many prefer to get a divorce and seek for another person who will go well with their expectation. Also because of this incompatibility, there is an inability to solve conflict in an amicable manner, which is also another reason for a divorce. So marriage experts need to advice couples on how to choose compatible partners if they are willing to solve conflicts which will come their way.

Couples normally have a clear communication between them before marriage. Among the top reasons for divorce is ineffective communication in the family context, where the husband will never consults the wife in issues concerning family matters. Everybody starts developing his or her own way of doing and solving daily life problems. Because of this, the wife or the husband ends up being on his or her own self until the need of even living together makes no sense hence a reason for application for divorce.

Divorce can also happen when a couple starts comparing their marriage to another marriage. Taking what is known about their relationship and comparing it with what they do not know about in the other relationship. This brings about bitterness and dissatisfaction, breeding contempt, which ends up in divorce.

Considering also many women are raised up with an idea of getting to a relationship with a man who is financially stable or has a lot of money. The mind of financial security which if not given its best it turns out to bring the differences. Getting married for money is a faulty premise for a family; it opens doors to conflicts, headache, and even divorce. Despite many men will put on a show on their faces and deceive women on believing that they are financially capable, it will end up to be known to the women hence a divorce.

Though many are the determine successes of marriage which ends up being the reasons for many families divorcing, marriage partners need to understand the secrecy and importance of marriage.

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