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Media Sport Production Management

Media and sports are two aspects that go hand in hand. Media is one of the most common tools used in the sport today. It includes the use of different aspects of sports presentation in the media. Media has been extremely useful in the past in announcing sports events in schools, colleges, universities, country, star championships and international events. Therefore, the media plays a critical role in sports.

This study will focus on media sports production management. It will involve the study of the correlation between sports, marketing, and media. It will include all the logistics that involve the management of sport both indoors and outdoor sports events. The main objective of conducting this study is to highlight the ways of managing media sports production using advanced systems and technology during prime championships. The study will also highlight about the management of children sports production program.

The study will include research surveys done on media effects on supporter of sports. The effects will be both negative and positive. A conclusion will include recommendations on the use of sports management in media. This will include on the advantages and disadvantages of media sports production and ways of improving it.

Media is today one of the most common tools used in sports production. It includes the study of different aspects of sports presentation in the media. It involves advertising, marketing, and publicizing of sports events and news. Media has played a crucial role in publicizing sports events in schools, colleges, universities, country, and international events. Therefore, media play a critical role in sports.

Today sports are events that happen all over the world. They could be either interschool tournaments or interstate competitions. They are all recorded and shot in the media for other people, fans, and family members to watch the performance e.g. a team that has gone to perform in another state. In addition, these stadiums and game pitches cannot accommodate all the fans and observers. Hence the recording by the media reporters will help those that do not manage to enter the games pitch. The media hence entails the spread of information and images through magazines, radio, newspaper, films, video, and television.

In the past, sports were not featured mainly in the news. Sports have come to occupy a significant bit of the news reported on a daily basis. The spread of the news on sports has come to attract people from all over the world. The news always collects people of the same interest as they gather to watch the game. The sports are a form of entertainment to some of the people. They also represent different cultures. Each sport represents a certain background of a people who fast played it. In addition, there are some sports that are affiliated to a certain region in the world. For instance, ice skating may be affiliated to people that stay in regions that have snow while soccer is worldwide. As a result, sport can be a source of different people gathering enhancing intercultural relationships.

Sports have been a source of inspiration to many people. Through the stories of successful champions and the failures of many that have tried, many people have been encouraged and taught lessons. Hence through sport, an individual can be inspired or demoralized to play a certain sport.

It is a principal in media that the producers have to be keen on the wants of their target clients. If a media producer is not giving out what is expected by the viewer, he or she is occupying space and will have no results. Hence most of the media producers will always publicize according to the expectation of the viewers and listeners. As a result, media will always influence the audience in all media sources. Depending on the preference of the audience, they may favor the sport or defer from it. This is how media can attract fans from all over the world.

If the media representative gives a full report on a certain game, much often the audience is likely to watch the game again. Zimmerbucher gives an example of basketball in the USA. According to his reporting, basketball was a recreational game in the past. The game only practiced by men. Women were not allowed to pay basketball. However, with the rise of media, basketball has been publicized all over the world. It has grown from a recreational sport to a competitive sport. Today basketball is played by any person that is interested.

Media has played a vital role in influencing sports events. Many times have the media caused an influence on the event. Depending on where the event will be, the media can cause a flow of people to the event more or less than expected (Rayuso 2011). In addition, some of the media presentations have negative effects on the supporters. They tend to push the supporters in behaving wild and wasteful.

According to Liles, sports media production involves the combination of all the sports details. These include the statistics of the game, player's numbers, and scores. These have to be synchronized into one report before being televised or put on media. The managers have to be careful to include all the game numbers and the storage names. Tapes with the recorded clips have to organized and put in a good sequential order. These differ from one game to another. The manager needs to be particularly keen while recording as some events happen too fast. Hence, during recording, the recorder has to be fast and accurate on the information that he or she has entered in the film.

There has to be an effective communication and coordination between the media personnel in the field and those in the studios. In the case of a recording that is to be done outdoors, 1:70 lenses are to be used to capture great pictures on distances. While events that are at close range will use a lesser number. This is applicable in cases where the media personnel is recording small children in championships. The main challenge in sports production is in balancing flexibility, reality, and simplicity. The operators have to be extremely knowledgeable and keen to balance these three.

Management of media in the production of sports events involves a lot of coordination. The production managers have to be committed to producing a detailed programmed that includes all the details of the matches featured in the program. The production has to meet the audience demand, or it may not be effective. The managers have to make sure that the sport featured is well represented in all the media channels. These are radio, internet, television, magazines, and newspapers. During the featuring of the sport, the managers have to make sure that the program is informative and entertaining to the audience. In addition, the program has to be informative to the audience. Nonetheless, sport media managers are likely to face challenges in their endeavor to do sports management. These challenges could be within their sector or external. Some of the challenges could be due to technology, communication, social responsibility, or ethics.

Supporters of sport gain much from the media. Through media, a supporter can learn more about the team he or she is siding with in a game. The supporter can associate them with a player once he or she has learned about him. For the fans that cannot attend the matches, they can watch the game on television or internet websites.

Supporters are able to obtain information about their favorite sport immediately the news is released. For instance for games that take place when a person is far off. He or she can get news highlights from newspapers, radio, or internet.

Media coverage has come to be an essential in the world of Olympics and sports. Through media, many people have been able to communicate their feelings and suggestion to their fans and favorite teams worldwide. Through the same links, teams have managed to obtain sponsors that help them to accomplish their targets in the games they play. International shooting sports federation is one of the sports associations that are registered on social sites. ISSF communicates through newsletters, magazines, television, and websites. ISSF has also enrolled in social sites where they reach out to young people. A survey is done on these social sites YouTube, mobile phones and Facebook. The study on fans of ISSF is done on Facebook. This is because Facebook is the most used social site.

A selection of one update done on Facebook is selected for the survey. This study is done to analyze the use of Facebook as a means of communication by the fans and team players. An observation is done for a number of days on this posting. This is to observe how many people will respond to the Facebook update.

The results of the study show that 16.000 people responded to the update. The people who responded to the update are between the ages of 14-24 years old about 65 percent, most of them being men. This concludes that the media helps the fans share their thoughts and excitement to their favorite team player, and more so pass their suggestions. There were several assumptions in this study. The key assumption is that all the fans of ISSF have access to the internet. It is also assumed that not many old people watch the shooting game.

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