Medical Terminology

As a legal secretary, it is necessary for a person to have an idea of the most commonly used medical terms because they are unavoidable particularly to an individual in that capacity. It is a wise idea that one checks the meaning of the various terminologies by first understanding their roots, suffixes, and prefixes to analyze their meaning based on that information. The approach that the legal secretary employs of learning the meaning of a new word once she comes across it is time wasting and might inconvenience the normal operations of the legal office particularly in situations of emergency. Medical terms should thus be learned beforehand for a person holding such an office (Ehrlich & Schroeder, 2004).

Medical terminology is a language worth learning for people in various professions including medical insurers, lawyers and health equipment suppliers. Medical terminology is a process of identifying and communicating the enormous bank of knowledge used in the medical community. As a legal secretary, the best way to learn medical terms is through the online method because as mentioned above it is necessary to learn them before one encounters the terms. The online method offers a huge load of valuable, practical information regarding the medical terms. Learning the medical terms in a classroom would be tedious and fruitless because the terms are numerous and the workload would involve a lot of memory work (Ehrlich & Schroeder, 2004).

The online method offers a more interesting and self-study format that helps one learn the various terms as they relate to anatomy, physiology, and pathology. An online medical technology class will assist the legal secretary to learn various words that would convenience her in her operations. The learning online method is advantageous in that it offers one a flexible and easy schedule where the learners work and study at their time of convenience. The method is also cheaper compared to the classroom method or other methods and also offers a wide range of information. I would recommend the online method to the legal secretary as the best approach to learning medical terms (Ehrlich, 2004).

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