Memorable Green Bike Ride

Among the things I love the most is my first bicycle, the one I used to ride as a bike, which still brings much pleasure. The bike is green, with huge wheel and tires, and it has always been too big for me, especially when I got it. The green side of the bike has had a metallic shine, so whenever I was riding it, the bike would light up the street, and it looked like a super machine riding around the trees, parks, and seas of people. 

The bike was too big for me, and whenever I was riding it, it appeared as if a huge bug claimed the machine and tried to conquer it with the tiny legs and hands. The bike was truly impressive; its wheels were moving way faster than I was pedaling, and it was always ahead of me trying to think of a direction. The bike had a ring, which signaled to everyone that the bug was riding; the sound was loud and annoying. I also had a special folder to carry the water whenever I was riding the bike; it was yellow and attached to the back of the bike alongside the basket for other things. The basket did not match the bike neither by color not by style, but this did not bother me at all. My father attached it; he has found the basket in his garage, that old-looking yellowish thing, and it looked like a sad old veteran, with life leaving it attached to the new and energetic machine willing to explore every corner of the town. 

The bike had two mirrors, which helped me seeing everything around me when I was riding it; with time, the metal on their backs got rusty, but everything else still works just fine. Except for the brakes, but that is another story. 


Once I took my bike to the nearby lake; I was having a bad day and wanted to spend the time in a new place where no one could annoy me. It was a beautiful and quiet location where rarely any people can be met, and where I could be alone and swim. However, this time was different. 

There was another person standing by the lake when I came there; it was a man in a grey suit, with a grey hair and a wrinkled face. I knew who it was; it was the man who lived few houses away. Although he was our neighbor, I did not know his name, only the fact that he lived with his wife and had a beautiful garden. I hesitated when I saw him as I did not know what to do; I wanted to stay, but it was strange meeting someone else here. 

The man turned and faced me; he had very kind eyes, and smiled as if welcoming me to join him. He greeted me and introduced himself. I managed to say a word in response and waited what he would say further. He smiled again and started talking: about who he was, why he was coming here, and why he wanted to talk to me as another frequent visitor of this place. It turned out he knew I was coming here because he also liked the place very much. My new friend told me he used to go to the lake with his son, and now, he visited the place every Sunday. He saw me coming here on a few occasions, but he never actually talked to me sitting in the shadow and talking over the phone with his son. Today, he did not call, and he was happy to talk to me instead. 

I stood there a bit embarrassed but also happy that I got a chance to meet him. We talked for quite some time, and my bad day turned good. I rode home with a new experience, and I knew I made a friend although I did not expect it.

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My friend Molly is a great example of a person who is good at everything. She is great in sports being a fast runner and an amazing athlete. She is great at school loving both Liberal Arts and Science. She is a talented person when it comes to music, and she has amazing human qualities and soft skills. When speaking about Molly, I always use describe her as an example of a person to look up to as she is successful in everything she undertakes, and everything comes natural to her. She finds herself at ease being around people, and she shows great communication skills whenever she is in large groups. 

Molly has once taught me how to be around people; she told me that I had to relax and be free whenever I felt like speaking. Before, I used to be very nervous and could not present myself well, but thanks to her advice, I was able to achieve great results and improve as a public speaker. I loved doing what I was doing around Molly because she shared her confidence with me, and due to that, I was able to become more confident and positive about myself. I feel like I get to say and be listened thanks to what I learned from her, and it is a very big change for me. It is great to have people who help you to become the better version of yourself and learn something new. 


Writing a book review may appear as an easy job, but it is definitely not so. This process requires time and patience, and it makes people focus on the many aspects of the book altogether. Therefore, writing a book review is a process, which needs deep attention to details, the ability to understand metaphors and hidden meaning, and the need to connect the potential readers with the author. 

Whenever I begin writing a review, I focus on the main aspects, which make the book meaningful and important for me. I choose the things, which make the work stand out and represent something unique. The read thread is finding the idea the author has placed in his or her piece; it is the ability to recognize what makes the story so powerful and yet so personal. 

The second part is analyzing the language and the style. Despite the meaning and the main message, the way the author writes is also very important because it helps the audience to read the text with more interest or passion; or, sometimes the style prevents the people from reading any further. 

Thirdly, I make a connection between the work and the current reality as well as the time when the author wrote it to find the parallels. This way, it is possible to determine the work’s value for the contemporaries and the people who may read the book later on. After that, it is possible to have a complete review, which takes different aspects of the work into consideration. Review helps the people to see what the book is about, and whether they should read it or not, but it does not spoiler anything so there is still an intrigue. 


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