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Music and Sculpture

The intriguing and complementary relationship between music and sculpture can be discovered using several artistic parameters like scale, form, structure and shape, which blend to produce a harmonizing effect on the listener and viewer. The artist functions as the creator of the scenario which is aimed at the creation of new form, in rhythm or feel. There is a very direct relationship between music and sculpture.

I have selected the music of Tchaikovsky, which has been inspirational in melody, with noted elegance and grace which has made his symphonies and ballet music as the orchestration of balanced and proportionate music. His ballet score Swan Lake 1877, is phenomenal in its proportionate and vibrant emotional power which stirs the depth of feelings. It is melodious, romantic and passionate.

The sculptures of Pablo Picasso have a similar impact in proportion and balance expressing richness and earthy feeling of being connected with life and earth in a lyrical and aromatic manner. The scale is harmonious, the form is perfect and lyrical, the structure is rhythmic and shape is dynamic. There is a movement which is controlled and balanced in the sculpture which connects harmoniously with the music.

The link which is expressed with the study of Tchaikovsky's swan lake and Pablo Picasso's Maquette, 1965 one of the most expensive sculptures which adorn the Art institute of Chicago is phenomenal.

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