Pursuing Associate Degree in Nursing

Personal statement for associated degree nursing

As the door of the door of the local hospital flung wide open, I could see scores of patients some with bandages all over their body, some motionless and others writhing in pain as the few nurses on a call made efforts to attend to them. As I watched the scene with dismay; my heart became overwhelmed by compassion and desire to help the sick especially in moments like this. It is striking that this occurrence at the local hospital became a source of inspiration for me to pursue an associate degree in nursing. Since them, I have held and cherished the dream that one day I will be an associate nurse that I may reach out, attend to and help the sick.

My skills and talent have turned out to be complementary to my urge to pursue nursing. Ever since I was a small child, my expressions of love were not only felt by my siblings but also my fellow friends that we did play together in the neighborhood. Often, with compassion, I would comfort them and attend to them when they were hurt and even at a time walk them home when some got bruises and cuts. It is no wonder that I was known in the neighborhood as the "Nurse". Later on, in high school, I was instrumental in the running of the school first aid team during which I would train my fellow students on basic first aid procedures. During the sports day, our first aid team would be handy in treating minor injuries to the injured. My ability to help and provide love to my fellow students has always provided a unique healing environment. Lately while offering volunteer services at our local hospital, I came to the realization that my skills in applied science, sociology and psychology came handy. At the hospital, I did attend to the sick and offered hope and compassion. I got involved in the organization and running of a seminar on heath education. These experiences have taught me to be patient and understanding and thus more motivated in drawing my zeal towards making this magnificent vision a reality.

While enrolled in this degree course, I would endeavor to acquire skills, attitudes, and knowledge necessary to shape and become one of the best nursing students. As a nursing student, my fellow colleagues will have the opportunity of sharing my experience for the good of their own good and for the success of the program to the institution. Having commendable skills in communication and critical thinking, I believe that I will one day be one of the best nurses in the country able to attend to the sick, emerge as good role model as well as be instrumental in the improvement of the nursing fraternity. I would commit my skills, experience, and knowledge to offer talks and training to the nursing community. Indeed, I desire to an invaluable asset to the society as an exemplary nurse.

Despite my objective to be a nurse, studying all this long has not been easy. Presently I have emerged to be one of the best students in applied science though this was not the case earlier. With my grades in applied science short my target, I realized it was time to act on the matter. I did consult my advisor on the matter who encouraged me that I could do better. As she talked with me, I remember taking down notes on the advice she said which became the stepping stones to success became. With persistence and zeal, I spent more time reading and exercising what I had learned and with time, the hard work and determination did pay. Ever since, this lesson has taught me that with willingness, one can overcome obstacles.

To successfully commence and attain an associate degree in nursing, I have purposed to be more dedicated to my course work, putting more efforts in my work and making consultation with the lecturers and advisors. I have purposed to spend more time in researching during the course in order to gain a firm foundation on nursing. With my parents ready and able to pay my fees, I am convinced that I am a perfect candidate for the course not only to satisfy my desire but to reach out to the community with arms wide open with love and care.

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