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Education is the key to many successes and in our pursuit for higher educations sometimes we are forced to work and study at the same time. Achieving both of this is a very hard work. Imagine going to work the whole day and then having a busy day and after that, you are heading to school in the evening to study. This in effect is quite a loss of time in a sense that by the time you reach the classroom you will not be able to understand a thing which is being taught due to exhaustion. Sometimes your mind wanders off to other tasks at hand which you were supposed to do during the day or you will do in the morning when you get to work. Then you reach home and there is the family to look after, household chores to be done. This is next to impossible hence the reason for this process analysis essay.

This paper will briefly outline why taking a course at Penn Foster is beneficial to you in a sense that you are doing your work and studying at your own pace at the same time. To help me study properly I got a copy of Kathleen T. McWhorter’s brief third edition the book name was successful college writing. This book outlines on what is needed for me to be able to achieve my writing with minimal fuss. The book gives instruction on a step to step guide on how to write it also gives you step by step strategies to use when writing and researching. It also gives you an in-depth instruction on the skills that other books has always assumed that you know. It strongly recommends self-assessment and evaluations. The book also recommends that you are near a computer so that when you are hit by an idea you are able to write it down on your computer for future reference and if not you can write your ideas on a paper till you get to your computer. It gives a step to step guide on how to do all this and much more. It gives instruction on how to balance writing so that you can get the best from your studies while you are not in class or doing your exams.


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Learning at Penn Foster you experience the luxury of learning at home and getting a degree at your own pace. You don’t have to attend any classes. Online classes at Penn foster allow you to plan your semester in regards to your work or family schedule. At Penn Foster am able to slot in my class work and do most of them when the workload is minimal in the office. Sometimes I download the lessons and go do them at night before going to bed. Sometimes if there is not much commitment at home I can be able to work out on this. Taking courses at Penn Foster online is convenient to most people since sometimes there are employers who do not give their employees time off to attend to classes. Unlike Penn Foster, there are some colleges that require a student to go to a class before getting a degree but at Penn Foster this is not the case. I am able to plan my time between work lesson and family so that I am able to give my full attention to work when I am at work and give full attention to family when I am at home without being worried that I did not attend classes or I am supposed to go sit in a classroom and listen to an instructor for more than one hour a day.

If you are working in a busy environment and have to go home to the family but still need quality education the best decision you will make is to join Penn Foster since you will get a quality education while working to suit your own lifestyle and managing your own time.

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