Personal Beliefs on Assessment Paper

The class experience would be incomplete without the mention of assessment papers. A normal classroom experience would involve daily introductions of subjects by lectures, assignments and research papers. In my personal experience as a student, professors have always come up with different methods of evaluating the progress being made by the students in the units taught in way of papers and abrupt presentations for where marks are awarded and used to determine one’s aggregate performance at the end of each educational period. The benefit of such evaluations may at first not seem beneficial to the student but the end benefit can be seen in the results as well as the quality of education acquired by the students in the given field of study. This essay will give my personal view on assessment papers to the students by providing a positive and negative experience relating to such papers as well as provide my personal judgment on the benefits of the assessment papers and the conclude by giving my opinion on the current status of assessment papers in schools.

My worst experience relating to assessment papers was when I had, joust like an ordinary day, prepared for the class having completed the assignments and done my research on the topic of the day. No one had prepared me for a likely assessment presentation, one that surprised everyone as the professor had not prepared us for such a presentation. The presentation related to topics that had long been discussed and shelved. The presentations were awful a clear indication of the unpreparedness in all the students. I was disappointed at myself for having made a fool out of myself while a part of me felt angry at the professor who had not prepared us for the assessment which was poorly performed and used to determine the end grade.

One positive experience with assessment papers would be the day I received an award for a presentation done then served as an assessment. I had been well prepared for the topic. The mere recognition as the best student in that particular assessment was empowering in addition to it contributing to the good performance I had for all the units done during that semester. The assessment paper encouraged continuous revision of the course work an aspect that led to better understanding of the curriculum.

On the basis of my personal experiences assessment papers serve a major role in the success of any academic curriculum. The purpose of having these assessment papers would include having the student’s ability and academic progress monitored. An assessment paper makes it possible for the professors to determine the area that has well been covered in addition to the areas that have been precisely understood by the students. It allows a professor to clarify topics that may be incorrectly understood or not understood.

Students have different abilities and as a result diverse learning abilities. Students who may be weak are monitored and effort made to place them at par with colleagues. Learning, as a result, becomes inclusive and beneficial to the diverse students. The learning process becomes beneficial in producing better students and thus skilled manpower. Assessment papers are valuable in providing students a chance to be proactive in the classes; making sure that all lessons are well understood. This, as a result, enables the students to enjoy the lectures and strive to understand d the context of the topics as the papers provide a means to clarify the lessons. This eliminates the case where the students understand different thing relating to the same topic. The content is clarified when the professor makes the corrections on the basis of the assessment papers.

Schools today have a specified mode of evaluation where most schools have specialized in only one form of evaluation. The sit-in test papers are most popular where tests are administered after a given period. Other methods of evaluation are used such as class presentations, projects, observation of class participation and practical demonstrations in the case of the applied subjects, especially in the science faculty. Since students are of diverse backgrounds and abilities the methods used to test the students should be equally diverse. This provides an equal chance to the students who may be capable of performing better if different evaluation techniques were in use.

The most common mode of assessment that involves sitting in exams is not comprehensive in evaluating the speech ability of a student. The same could not accurately evaluate a student’s ability to practically .perform experiments for example. Institutions, as a result, should strive to have different methods of assessment that would be beneficial in providing a holistic evaluation of diverse students. Such would ensure that the assessments are fair and would provide an interesting platform for the students to learn and develop in their academics.

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