Phosphorus in Health and Wellness

The main symptoms I exhibit are hair loss and headache. Headache normally appears after listening to music and being exposed to noise as well as experiencing anger, and stress at work. The pain reduces after sleeping, walking, washing my head, and resting. According to the remedy grid, the most appropriate treatment for this is taking phosphorus. This homeopathic remedy helps to reduce headache and strengthen hair.

My Experience of Consuming Phosphorus

I started to take 1000 mg of phosphorus a day twice a week. First, I did not notice any changes in my hair and headache. Only after one week, I observed that the amount of hair loss began to decline. However, my hair did not look healthier. Moreover, it continued to be dim and weak. The dandruff problem was not solved either. As for headache, the remedy did not influence it. I still felt pain during weather changes, stress, and anger, or in a stuffy room. Furthermore, I noticed some problems with my digestive system. I had constipation and mild stomachache. These side effects could mean that I was taking too high a dose of phosphorus. As for headache, it could have been caused by other reasons, which were not connected with the amount of phosphorus in my body.


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The Effectiveness of Phosphorus

Overview of Phosphorus’ Benefits

According to Robert Kopf (2015), phosphorus addresses metabolic issues. Thus, it helps to improve the work of liver and pancreas. In addition, phosphorus strengthens the immune system.  These improvements in body systems lead to faster hair growth. Moreover, phosphorus regenerates hair in the areas where it is completely lost. This remedy is also effective when hair loss is combined with a dandruff issue, or other skin problems. Overall, phosphorus is prescribed in case of the following symptoms: patchy alopecia, dandruff, and dryness of hair, high cheekbones, the fear of staying alone, emotional vulnerability, and long thin fingers (Muni, Patel, Popat, & Shah, 2016). Therefore, phosphorus is used not only for treating hair loss, but also for other related issues.

The Role of Phosphorus in the Body

Phosphorus participates in the growth process. It is especially important for the development of strong bones and maintenance of tooth enamel and gums. Taking phosphorus helps to cope with osteoporosis and strengthen skeletal structure (Ni, 2011). In addition, phosphorus protects from various cardiovascular diseases.  The fact that I have numerous problems with tooth enamel allows suggesting that I do lack some substances in my body. However, taking the remedy did not improve the condition of my teeth, so it is impossible to make a conclusion concerning the connection between teeth problems and the lack of phosphorus in the body. On the other hand, the treatment of teeth may require higher doses of phosphorus and more time.

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Another important property of phosphorus is facilitating digestion. For example, it addresses diarrhea, and constipation. These aspects are essential for the effective work of  the whole digestive system and, particularly, kidneys, as toxins  leave the body, so kidneys do not have process them again. However, my personal experience of taking phosphorus demonstrates that this remedy can also cause problems with digestive system. In fact, this is one of the side effects of phosphorus. The problem is that the remedy contains phosphate salts, which might lead to diarrhea, constipation, and other disorders (Ni, 2011). Therefore, people with digestive problems should avoid taking phosphorus.

Moreover, phosphorous helps to maintain the health of kidneys through proper excretion and urination. This is necessary in regulating the amount of waste in the body. For instance, phosphorus sustains the proper level of uric acid, water, and salts. In my case, however, phosphorus caused problems with the release of toxins. As has been discussed above, the complications with excretion could happen due to digestive disorders.  Additionally, the absence of any effects of the remedy on headache could also occur due to inability to release toxins from the body because these two factors are also sources of anger and emotional tension.

Apart from that, phosphorus is the key component of brain cells, so it regulates certain brain functions. As such, phosphorus is vital for cognitive development, so the lack of phosphorus might cause cognitive malfunction or dementia. Also, phosphorus participates in creating proteins, which is important for growth and cells repair. Phosphorus helps bodies to use carbohydrates effectively as well as maintain the balance of hormones.

Hair loss is the indicator of serious problems in the human body, so it is sensible to treat causes of hair problems. In this context, phosphorus is an ideal remedy because it helps to eradicate hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, protein deficiency, and emotional vulnerability. However, taking too high amounts of the remedy can cause anemia, diarrhea, tremors, arthritis, and the reduction of bone calcium (Ni, 2011). Therefore, following the proper dosage is significant for obtaining positive health outcomes.

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In conclusion, my personal experience helped to prove the effectiveness of phosphorus in dealing with hair loss. However, the remedy did not influence the weakness of hair, a dandruff problem, emotional vulnerability, and headache. Moreover, I began to experience digestive disorders, which are common side effects of the excessive phosphorus use. These facts allow me to conclude that there is a problem with the dosage of the remedy. Therefore, additional consultations are necessary to determine how much phosphorus one should take. Likewise, it is necessary to detect real causes of headache because the remedy did not have any impact on this health problem.

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