Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the only solution to economic and social challenges facing the society of the 21st century. Planned Parenthood basically refers to a situation individuals plan on when to become fathers or mothers. This initiative ensures that family life and other responsibilities in one's life are harmonized. However, there are individuals and organizations that feel that planning parenthood is not necessary and nature should take its own course. These groups are normally not happy with the methods that are recommended in planning parenthood and they feel that they are absurd and contrary to societal morals and religious teachings. However, we should note that Planned Parenthood has numerous advantages that overcome its disadvantages before criticizing its methods.

The major advantage associated with Planned Parenthood is that this practice enables individuals to become parents when they are fit and capable. Cases of people becoming fathers or mothers at very young age have increased and this is the reason for increased school dropouts in most of the African countries and other developing countries. With planned parenthood, individual are able to determine when to have children after attaining the right time. This enables individual to first of all complete their education before committing themselves as parents.Therefore, the practice enables parents to provide the needs of their children since the plans are made an advance. Another advantage of planned parenting is that one is able to excel his/her career before becoming a parent. There are some careers that are very demanding and require a lot of attention and therefore one need to plan on how to achieve his or her career dream before becoming a parent.

Planned Parenthood also serves as a prevention measure for domestic violence. The number of the kids and when to have them is one of the courses of domestic violence experienced by many young couples of today. When individuals get married without agreeing on the number of children to have, domestic violence is a common phenomenon as every spouse express a different opinion on parenthood. There are situations when couples have a different opinion on whether to have a biological child or adopt one. This incidence normally arises due to lack of Planned Parenthood in both spouses before or after marriage. Therefore, it is clear that Planned Parenthood helps individuals to make decisions that are paramount in ensuring peaceful marriage.

Planned Parenthood is a very important initiative among the youths especially in the 21st century where youths are exposed to practices that not only lead to unnecessary pregnancy but also result in sexually transmitted infections that could tamper with their ability to be good future parents. Need for Planned Parenthood has made young people access reproductive health care services whereby they are taught on how to prevent themselves from sexually transmitted infections and unnecessary pregnancy. Therefore Planned Parenthood enables members of the society, especially the youth, to use science inventions such use of contraceptives and other medical methods like vasectomy to ensure that parenthood is only left to those who are ready and have the intentions to do so.

On the other hand, Planned Parenthood has some disadvantages that cannot be left unmentioned. The major disadvantage is that some of the planning measures such as abortion are unethical and inhuman. They also promote immorality amongst the youth who take advantage of the planning measures to continue with their irresponsible actions. For instances, abortion is acceptable in some countries and therefore individuals who become pregnant without their intentions opt to abort the fetus, courtesy of Planned Parenthood. This action is not only inhuman but also sinful according to religious teachings. On the other hand, Planned Parenthood has facilitated the use of contraceptives amongst the youth and this has opened them to early sexual lives and practices such as prostitution since they are not afraid of getting pregnant. Lastly, it is not possible to predict what the future has for us accurately and Planned Parenthood is sometimes difficult to implement according to the plan.

Planned Parenthood ties with the ideologies in the soft science book, "The Giver" that was written in 1993. The presentation of the future society in the book is a clear indication that there is need to plan for everything in life. It is through planning that the society addressed in the novel is able to eliminate pain from their lives. According to Jonas, who is the main character, his community is happy because they don't know any other better life due to lack of knowledge that is taken from them by the giver.

The society in the novel is able to remain harmonious since it has implemented the power of planning at all levels. In the novel, jobs are assigned to the society members according to their abilities and skills. There is planning even in family settings where husbands are matched with their respective wives based on their personalities. Funny enough, every family unit is allowed to have only two children, a boy, and a girl. Though some of these planning measures appear unethical, they enabled Jonas community to live a happy life. Therefore, it is the high time for the modern society to do away with the few disadvantages of Planned Parenthood, or provide a solution to them just like the Giver in did to Jonas community and embrace the exercise of Planned Parenthood in order to live happy future lives.

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