Political Socialization Autobiography

I was born on May 3rd, 1989 in Chicago in a family of four. I attended my first political event at the age of ten years in the company of my dad, whom I believe is a very political man unlike myself. Before attending the political event, I used to see political rallies as mere wastage of time and money. Today, I believe I have an active political life which I attribute to my father.

I attended the rally in South Carolina in the year 2000 where the former president of America George W Bush was campaigning for the presidency for his first term. He was contending against McCain who was vying for the presidency through the Democratic Party ticket. The rally was full of excitement and fantasy. There were several motivational speakers who wooed the crowd every time they spoke. This political rally confirmed to me what I once heard that “politics is a dirty game”. This is because every time a Republican spoke, he made sure that he has stained McCain and praised George W Bush.

My dad was happy that I accompanied him to the rally but by the look of things, mum was not happy at all. This is probably because she felt that political rallies were meant for people who have attained eighteen years and could, therefore, participate in the voting exercise. Mum also argued that whatever was said in the rally was beyond my comprehension. She also expressed her worry about my safety just in case their chaos in the rally.


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Dad, on the other hand, was very positive about taking me to the rally. He argued that it was a good learning experience as it exposed me to the world of politics. He also said that it would have been bad if I was actively involved in the rally by carrying posters or reciting things I didn’t understand.

As stated earlier, the identification party was the Republican Party. In his speech, G.W bush promised the Americans a stable economy by creating employment opportunities and by ensuring that excess money paid as tax has been returned to the taxpayers. He also promised to improve the standards of education and medical care as well as other social amenities.

My father, unlike my mother, was a very active supporter of the Republican Party. He cited the good policies of the party as well as the leadership qualities of the candidate to justify his stand. I would say that he contributed so much in my political socialization as I reflect back in my life. This is because I analyze the policies of the parties involved together with the characters of the contestants before I affiliate myself to any political party.

Mum has never been politically active. Mum is an introvert who is a medical doctor by profession. I think her introvert nature coupled with her busy schedules make her look cold politically. In fact, most of the time, her political stand is influenced by dad.

In my upbringing the only person whom we discussed politics with was dad. He believed that everybody is political and he, therefore, he ensured that I understood what was happening in the world of politics. For instance, he made me know the first ten presidents of America together with their achievements. He also told me that many Americans fail to vote because they don’t understand the political system of their country or they do not know the candidates. For this reasons he always discussed political issues with me and explained what I couldn’t understand.

I remember when the Republican Party candidate George W Bush won the election, dad could not hide his joy and so was I. We watched the election proceedings together until the winner was announced. This made me believe that dad was politically correct and I developed confidence in his political stand.

Although I don’t discuss politics too much, whatever I believe or know in politics, I give credit to my father who has impacted so much in me. He taught me to respect other people’s political affiliations because everybody has the freedom of expression.

Other than my father, I also recognize my teachers for influencing my political socialization. Through learning, my mental horizon was broadened as far as politics is concerned. It is through my teachers that I learned how to analyze political events and leaders. In political history, I learned how political decisions affect the society and other important aspects such as the economy and the environment. It is in school that I learned how Abraham Lincoln’s decision led to the abolishment of the slave trade in our country.

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The media is another tool which has contributed to my value of political socialization. This is through broadcasting news or by hosting politicians for interviews. This way I would affiliate myself to the party with the best political ideologies and policies.

Currently, I prefer reading newspapers for political news. I prefer reading the “USA TODAY” or the “NEWYORK TIMES”. This way, I can counter check and compare the political news, as well as ensure that any information I read is free from any form of bias. I also like watching the TV to get the hottest political news. When watching the news I do not restrict myself to one channel.

Politics is very important in our life. It is good politics which ensures good governance in any country. Through politics, people’s interest are aired and addressed. So it ensures harmony and unity in the society. Rules and regulation of a country are maintained through politics. It also ensures the protection of the rights of people.

Before identifying myself with any party, I prefer to understand and weigh the policies of the existing parties. After analyzing the well, I affiliate myself with a party that has the best policies. I also like to hear the opinions of other people and their attitude towards the party in question. For instance, I like supporting a political party whose policies are the economic empowerment of the people, improving the education standards and improving the social amenities. I would not support a political party which does not prioritize on the interest of the people.

I prefer affiliating myself to a political party whose ideology is democratic rulership. This is because the power to rule is given by the people and all people are equal before the law. Democracy allows the people to change the government if they feel that the existing one does not deliver their expectations.

In democratic rulership, the leaders are answerable to the people who elected them. Hence they commit themselves to serving the people well, failure to which they will not be re-elected.

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