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Positive Aspects of High School Sports

Sports among young people, in this case, those in High School, is an excellent way of shaping up a society virtues and preventing many societal ills as is suggested by Buzz Bessinger in his Pultilizer prize-winning book; Friday Night Lights. According to Buzz Bessinger sports among High School kids can go a long way in stopping kids from engaging in illegal activities such as thefts and antisocial activities such as drug trafficking. Idleness can actually lead to doing drugs (Bissinger, 2006).

There are three main benefits that are brought about by High School Sporting. First, the sporting activities go a long way in supporting the mission of many if not all schools. This is to mean that they are a compliment but not a diversion to whatever else is going on in the schools (Mc Entire, 2010). Students who are more active in sports eventually are found to be better perfumes, do drop out of school less often, and are not always disciplinary cases.

Sports activities are "inherently educational". In essence, the activities provide a variety of knowledge to even more practical issues. Students can learn how to celebrate winning, how to handle loss with grace, and how to work together in a team.

Finally, Sporting is a great way to start a lifetime journey of the pursuit of success (Barber, 2001). The way in which one performs in a sport, which indeed indicates commitment, interest, and ability to work together, can be a great indicator of how one will do out in the real world. This extends from one's personal career to their eventual contribution in a society. Indeed, there is a certain pride involved in being a contributing member of a society that"s prospering in sports ( Mc Entire, 2010). And those in authority cannot afford to overlook these key aspects.

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