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Proprioception is usually referred to as the sixth sense of the body. This is where the senses report back to the brain on the movement or positioning of the body internally. It also indicates whether the right body parts are moving in the right direction and with the right efforts. According to Wikipedia, it is the sense that indicates whether the body is moving with required effort, as well as where the various parts of the body are located in relation to each other. Proprioception is also known as the sense of orientation. It is the sense which tells the body how to react before the brain has been able to process the data that it has received. The communication between the body and brain is done in three steps; the brain gives the order then the body part has to follow and the last step is the body part has to report to the brain. When someone lacks Proprioception the first two steps happen but the third step does not happen the limb does not answer back to the brain hence making the person continuously check where that said limb is at all times.

The research of Proprioception will help people who lack the sense of Proprioception to be able to live a normal life in a sense that since they lack that kind of reaction they do not need to sleep all the time and they might be able to continue with their day to day life. It also helps pilots who might suffer disorientation while flying from crashing when this happen since if this kind of research is done they will be able to not only depend on their unconscious movement but they will also have their brain concentrate on the exercise of flying. As the podcast stated there are people who after having a hand amputated still think that their hands are still there and they continue to have the said pain in their phantom hands but if they would learn the sense of Proprioception then they will be able to clench and unclench their phantom hands hence lessening the psychological pain that they might be going through

The research of Proprioception as a learned ability might turn most of the road users into robots and zombies since most of them might feel the need to concentrate on what or where their body are instead of the surrounding environment hence making them a nuisance to people who use Proprioception as an unconscious body movement.

When listening to this type of research I have learned that the body has to have a kind of communication between it and the brain. It is also possible to learn this kind of sense and add it to motor sensory as a learned ability if you ever loose it. With learned Proprioception, someone does not have to lie in bed paralyzed but can be able to teach themselves how to walk and do normal stuff like the rest of the people. I have also learned that the sense of balance is situated in the ears where there is a fluid which helps with the orientations.

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