Protect Against Identity Theft

What are some ways to protect yourself against identify theft?

One of the ways of protecting oneself is ensuring that you understand the environment that you live. If the environment has poor security, there is no point of staying there. Theft is a social crime that is as a result of ideal and immoral people in the neighborhood, there is a simple way of ensuring that you are saved; keeping off the areas that are known to be the high crime, however, due to the changes in life this method cannot be always possible. If one is living in an environment that is full of crime then he should; ensure that he does not travel at night, should avoid places that are the high crime within the location and ensure that he has undertaken adequate protection measures to his properties (Jason 2006).

How is the government protecting people against cyber crime?

One of the ways that all government should do is to recognize cyber crime as any other crime. They should have laws that are recognized by the state that criminalizes this. Punishment should be imposed. Trespass is another way that cyber crime is done, computer information should be recognized as private property protected by a countries laws against trespass. After the laws have been enacted, the general public should be enlightened on the new proceedings ( Sager, Hamm, Gross, Carey & Hof 2000).

If you were at war with someone digitally over politics, what would you do to attack them?

The most effective way of attacking someone is through holding the correct/ right view. As much a politics involves a lot of personal opinions, when I am giving my opinion there is the need to hold the opinion with integrity. As the saying goes "always talk the truth and the truth will set you free", on the other hand the best way of defending is attacking thus when the opponent give his views, I won't sit back and listen to the other party give opinions that are not holding as far as I am concerned but I will give my own point of view (Anon 2010). Respecting the other person's views is also important.

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