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Waiter: What can I help you, madam?

Customer: The food is disgusting, we don't like it!

Waitress: What's wrong with it?

Customer: The taste of the Paella is nasty. Some of the meat in the rice is strange and I haven't eaten such kind of meat before, just like the smell of dead fish! There isn't any milk in the hot chocolate and the salad is too sour, can you ask your chef to come?

Waitress: OK, just a minute and I will come with our chef!

Chef: Excuse me, madam, what can I help you?

Customer: Are you the chef of the restaurant?

Chef: Yes, madam, I am the chef of this restaurant and my name is Dora Lam.

Customer: We have just ordered a Paella and this is the food that you cooked.

Chef: Yes, this is one of our restaurant recommendation dishes: Paella and it is a kind of Spanish fried rice.

Customer: The smell and the taste are disgusting and what is this kind of meat?

Chef: This is the rabbit meat and that is the chicken meat. Our restaurant has used the fresh rabbit meat and chicken meat to cook for this dish.

Customer: What? Rabbit meat, we don't eat rabbit meat!

Chef: Let me explain to you first, the main ingredients of the Paella are cooked with rabbit meat, chicken meat, fresh seafood and fried rice.

Customer: We have eaten the Paella before but it doesn't contain any rabbit meat in it!

Chef: The traditional ingredients to cook the Paella should contain rabbit meat and we are a traditional Spanish restaurant, so all of our food is cooked according to the traditional recipes.

Customer: Ok, maybe we just made a mistake. But why the salad is so sour and the chocolate hasn't milk in it!

Chef: I see, all the salad in our restaurant has already added the vinegar except you tell us not to do so. For the chocolate, maybe we have forgotten to add the milk. We apologize for our mistake.

Customer: How can we deal with the food?

Chef: As you are our VIP customers, we will exchange the food for you. I recommend you to have a fried rice just mixed with sausages and chicken in it. As for the salad, I will serve you another one with no vinegar in it and of course a cup of chocolate with milk.

Customer: Thanks so much.

Chef: It's my pleasure.

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