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Rules of Customer and Colleague Engagement

In the hotel organization where I work there are strict rules which concern how we communicate with customers. The rules are clearly stipulated together with procedural manuals and other written instructions that all the new members are taken through to ensure that through effective communication, they work efficiently and become effective in their duties. The rules are well crafted to ensure that different aspects of the business are well taken care of. For instance, every worker must be an effective communicator, no use of dirty language, all customers must be treated with utmost respect and importance. Any communication between workers and any customer has to be professional, courteous and with a kind heart. The management believes that the success of the company's market share at the end of the day boils down to communication. The rules were made clear to me by the human resource manager.

The company within a very short period of time, it has turned out as an icon in the hotel industry especially when it comes to customer service. It has risen steadily to great heights since our manager came back to its helm and helped the company diversify by venturing into other markets other than the local market. Our company in an attempt to break through markets and serve their customers efficiently, the company has communication structures and plans in place which ensures that our services attract and reach to customers worldwide without fail. The organization has subsidiaries and franchise all over the globe. The hotel I work for truly connects with the customers and that is why it is loved the world over. The brand's franchise is very strong. The preference that most of their services get is overwhelming and that keeps the hotel afloat for over now two decades. As a new employee at the company, this is one aspect that is emphasized. Another thing that the company does to stay ahead of the competition is through their pricing policy, they price their services and products reasonably. The pricing policy is emphasized among the other employees as one of the company's strength. No one is allowed to fix their own prices.

There are quite a number of rules that are to be adhered to strictly when communicating with customers. When talking to customers respect is of utmost importance, this is rule number one and the hotel management makes sure that all the workers strictly adhere to it. Secondly, no worker is allowed to be rude to the customers and in case such an incident happens the punishment is dire and depending on the nature of the case one can even lose his or her job. Thirdly, no worker should ever be found socializing with customers on a personal level and trying to get to know them. This is believed to be a potential source of unprofessionalism. The management frowns upon any behavior that is likely to suggest over socializing. Fourth, the management doesn't allow workers to have sexual relations with customers and anyone found soliciting or procuring sexual favors from clients will lead to one losing his or her job. The fifth rule is that no worker is allowed to communicate with the customers in a disrespectful manner. This includes using dirty language or demeaning words. A breach of this is likely to make one be severely punished. Most hotel companies have such policies and rules and any behavior that may put the relationship of the customers and the management is frowned upon. There is a lot that can be improved in most of the other rules that majority of the workers find a bit unfriendly to them. Many are of the idea that some of the rules are too tough on them and if the management would be kind enough to change some of the rules, it can boost their morale and help increase productivity.

My hotel where I work is very efficient when it comes to logistics, reaching out to customers and related operations; the only serious competition is some of those big hotels that have partnerships with multinationals. Most of the basic rules of the company are reasonable in the sense that they are not very hard to abide by.

The competition is seen in many aspects ranging from pricing and marketing. The hotel makes more profits because it doesn't outsource any of its services. All the communications are done by staff members. No employee is allowed to strike deals of that nature regardless of how good the deal may be. They don't allow any unfair business practices by their employees. According to Geist, C. Some of the strategies the hotel use to make profits and remain ahead of the pack is through competitive positioning, value creation, and excellent customer care, through all these has managed to stay ahead of the park because of the effective nature of how they are communicated to their customers. This is made possible by their strict adherence to laid down rules and regulation in regard to communication. We value our customers and very much concerned about customers, fully understand virtually all aspects of the needs of customers and deem them all important and that in many ways help to reinforce the brand. All this is made possible because the company encourages proper and friendly communication between their customers and employees. The hotel reaches out to customers by properly marketing the services through proper and effective communication channels. Most of my colleagues in the company use these procedures because attempting any others may flop and force them to take responsibility. Most of them strictly adhere to these procedures because many of their predecessors have used the very procedures and produced results. The customers are able to give feedbacks and in fact, this is encouraged by management to give feedback about employees' performance. Improved forecasting results are obtained when judgment-based management forecasts are merged with quantitative forecasts.

The hotel management ensures that customers and guests are given humane treatment and in the process, they will get to experience and discover what the hotel is all about, products, quality and services. The ambiance that is created by management, for instance, allowing customers to enjoy and feel free to ask for assistance can make many customers feel at home with the services offered. According to O'Fallon, M and Rutherford, D, for any hotels staff at a hotel should improve on customer service by being a bit concerned about customers especially in the cases where there is a language barrier. This can be done id workers decide to be more welcoming and helpful in the sense that they voluntarily provide information to an ignorant customer without looking down upon them. The customer care service should create a feeling of togetherness and inclusiveness by making customers want to belong.

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