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Successful Strategic Planning through Management

Yogi Berra, a renowned strategist reminds all managers to be cautious in their move for if they don't know where they are going then they'll rarely get there. Some organizations, therefore, consider strategic planning as an exercise, others a lifestyle while to all it's a requirement. Strategic planning basically implies defining an organization's goals, strategy/ directions and making decisions biased towards accomplishing these tasks.

Organizational management is important to successful strategic planning. Of the most importance is the management control. This is a set of analysis, measurements, decisions, and actions that are vital for timely execution of the organizational plans. The effectiveness of a management is a major issue for an organization's master strategy. According to Barton Cunningham, organizational management effectiveness exists in; system resource, rational goal, managerial process, organizational development and the bargaining model. The systems resource model of an organization dwells on the managers' capability to wisely and efficiently distribute organizational resources to achieve the set goals and strategies.

The rational approach is mainly to ensure that an organization achieves its goal. It entails identifying the general goal, finding means of accomplishing it and stating activities for every set objective. Managerial process model focuses on managerial processes such as planning, budgeting and general decision making of the organization. It asserts the wishes, impulses, drives, needs, values and feelings individuals have that may be important in realizing organizational goals. In the bargaining model, the management explores the possibilities of an organization to exploit its environment in order to acquire the valued scarce resources. The main issues in an organization are therefore efficiency and stress. While efficiency enables a management team to use its resources to achieve the set goals and strategies, stress is the pressure that management applies to successfully achieve its goals.

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