The Effective Manager

Trust is an essential ingredient for a productive team. Effective teamwork involves mutual and professional relationships among the team members. A betrayal of the existing trust by a team member in any way even if it is unintentional often leads to a diminishing confidence among the employees, creates communication roadblocks, and affects any decision-making by the team. Failure to deal with a betrayal of any nature will negatively influence the team performance and the company’s reputation .


I can overcome the betrayal in my company by investigating the authenticity of information from the telephone call then address the issue with the team members in a systematic and professional manner to protect the new marketing strategy from reaching the competitor. The integrity issues that we have to look into are transparency, justice and fairness, accountability, and effectiveness .

Transparency is an issue that all the team members have to embrace but only among the team members. It is unethical for a member to betray the trust and transparency that prevails in the team. The team members should not exploit the prevailing transparency by leading the company’s strategy to the competitors.

The team members need to be aware of justice as an integrity issue. They should know that leaking the company’s information is not just and is likely to compromise the performance of the company. Lack justice is not fair since betraying the company means running it down, and so it can lead to strict disciplinary measures.

The team members should be accountable for their actions. When in the entertainment clubs or their relationships, they should be aware that their actions could compromise the company’s competitiveness in the market. They must preserve the integrity by not exposing the strength of the company’s products to the competitors.

Effectiveness is also an integrity issue that is inevitable for the success of the company. The team members can be effective, only if they adhere to the values and principles of the company. They have to know that the effectiveness, as an integrity principle can save the image of the company, and they should preserve this at all costs.


As a team leader, integrity issues should target the team members. Those team members who do not respect and practice the issues should face the management disciplinary measures to save the company’s image.

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