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The Reconstruction Era

The Reconstruction Era was a period that was encountered in the United States of America in the years 1865-75 just after the civil war as the government was trying to re unite the different states of the northern and southern America states. The government was trying to introduce some new regulations that aimed at ensuring that each state in the southern states would be in a position of governing themselves. At the same time ensuring that the southern American states are loyal to the central government in the northern America.

The introduction of the black codes and the formation of the Freeman's Bureau were some of the things the government on the northern side introduced in order to fast track the process of Reconstruction in America that and this was after the civil war was encountered in the country. The Black codes law that was implemented in order to ensure that the blacks enjoyed increased security of the black Americans, the constitution aimed at limiting the Civil Liberation and Human Rights of the Black Americans. This was a way the government wanted to stop the civil war and in return control labor, migration and other important activities that the Freed Blacks were involved in. For this reason, they ensured that the freed slaves were well represented with by the government and were being treated well by the whites that they live within the same place.

The introduction of the Black Codes introduced a lot of reforms in the constitution of the United States; this is when it introduced new laws and practices that are aimed at ensuring that the Blacks and the freed slave had security as the one that the whites enjoyed. At the same time, it ensured that the Blacks were allowed to vote and also be elected in public offices.

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