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Time Management Skills

How do I establish my priorities?

One day can be very long if the time is managed well but very short if the time is not well managed. One way of establishing my priorities is by writing down all the activities I do in a day and then numbering them according to how I have prioritized them. I should give the paper to another person who is a classmate, friend or even family member who will not be biased in criticizing me. I can also hand it into one of my tutors in order to evaluate for me whether I have prioritized well.

I should then allocate time to each of the activities according to how much time I feel I can take doing that particular activity. By the end of the everything, I should have a timetable having the activities to be done in order of priority in one column, at what time to be done in another and the time to be taken in another. For example, I could take less time preparing my kids for school, eat breakfast with my kids instead of eating it later, spend less time checking on my parents and compensate that on my free days, spend less time eating and thus would create more time (almost an hour) for studying (Downs, 2008).

Who makes my support group?

I have included classmates who achieve good grades and those who are not biased in giving out ideas or comments in my group. These have helped me realize my mistakes and gone further and helped me rectify or improve on them. I have tried to avoid my close friends since we joke a lot. Close friends may not tell you the truth in some issues as they may be afraid of losing out on your friendship.

What is my backup plan in case my computer goes down?

I have an extra laptop I bought due to the extra work I get from work and from school. I also have a friend who owns two desktop computers and he wouldn't mind lending me with one for some time. My wife would also sort me out with hers if I got really stuck. If all fails, I could also use the school's facilities.

How do I keep track of my assignment and due dates? I sometimes get some free time in between work. I could use this to finish up my assignments. I have also really improved on procrastinating assignments and that has made me really improve my delivery of my assignments. I also take advantage of the missed lectures to do my assignments and do some studying.

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