Heavenly Hawaii Experience

Under the sunlight listening to the sea waves, melody stuck in my head like symphony keep repainting without end. I could not believe the heavenly experience I was having on the shores of Hawaii's coast. "Welcome to Heavenly Honolulu" expression from the attendant is what shook me from my disbelief moments, little did I know that my short stay in the island state will be similar to the outstanding two hours I had already had on the beach. Since most of my time was spent on the beach enjoying myself and friends, concurrent sections of this essay would extrapolate on the heavenly moments that was and indeed what I anticipate to be experiencing in the future when I go back for my future annual visits.

The wise men of cloth state that heaven is a land with streams of honey and everlasting joys. That is the same description I would accord my experience in Hawaii; there was no time to sleep as even rest times were full of joys considering the environment and company of people I knew and strangers that I had met for the first time. Indeed, people were full of smiles as they went ahead with their day to day fun activities as if they worried about in the world. Everything from shower towels, swimming costumes, meals, and even speed boats were set for the holiday makers; it is as if the service providers were in the mid of their clients and therefore provided even before being asked. In addition, merry-making people were ready to help each other make the best of their time in Hawaii, thus making the experience friendlier and a time to create networks while expanding the already established ones.

My beach seat was located in an enabling environment under a coconut tree, which enabled the wind from the sea tackle my skin like a soft feather. Indeed I could not help but close my eyes and enjoy the breeze soothing off my worldly worries. I could only expect the better experience in the forthcoming time within my stay in Hawaii. Though I had enough lotion to protect against the sunny weather in Hawaii, my location helped in keeping cool and enjoy the moments. As a result opening my eyes and closing them made little difference as I could see similar views in dreamland and in reality. I could further remember little in my life before I embarked on my refreshing trip to Hawaii, my entire mind could hold was the current experience in Hawaii, which seemed like a non-ending voyage that crowned my life.

My superb location further ensured that I smelt the sea perfume taking my breath and made me need to breathe more and more. The fresh air was just so sweet that I hardly felt hungry or thirsty – it seemed to be providing the food for my soul, body, and mind. However, this satisfaction was not shared with the beach resort management as they had their employees keep busy going round with irresistible refreshments for us, the guests. I cannot forget the Hawaiian punch that was so well mixed that one could request for a medical drip filled with it, just to ensure it slowed entered into one's bloodstream straight away. The well-prepared meals were so awesome that one would get more hungry instead of being satisfied – this called for extra plates and hanging around the buffet are until it was cleaned up in preparation for the next meal.

The sweet sound of music by an invited professional band was just making the experience better as guests, one-by-one, streamed onto the dance floor and whichever place was available to ensure having a taste of its breakdown. The partying never stopped as the bands were replaced by fresh colleagues who played mixtures of different music genres. Everyone's taste seemed to be well catered for within the span of their stay in Hawaii. In addition to the band playing, the partying people were further invited to sing on stage when their favorite tunes were on display. This aspect of crowded involvement led to a situation of competition within guests. The result: high partying spirits that went on and on and on – people were just not getting tired. It seemed even birds in Hawaii were ecstatic to the point of becoming part and parcel of the celebratory mood there. In fact, birds would be heard singing melodies that people only kept silent to enjoy. Mixed with the sounds of ocean waves hitting the shores resulted to a heavenly mood where all creation was combined into a celebratory mood that all enjoyed in equal measure. This was indeed heaven that I was prepared to be part of as long as it could take; I was prepared to pay the price as the fruits were indeed worth any cost.

The Hawaiian heaven was a place for everyone to feel as a fully fledged celebrity as the carpets around the residential areas were littered with sparkling diamonds that shone through my eyes. The special shoes we all wore ensured that the diamonds made an appealing melodic noise that depended on the mode and speed of walking. Having many people have similar experiences created amazing sounds that we all embarked on smiling about. This led to people embarking on experimenting new walking styles as to outdo the others, which only enriched the experience. The employees who had been there for a long time, however, did beat all of us in coming up with heavenly styles and sounds that left guests speechless.

The guests never missed chances to integrate with each other and have constructive chats about the heavenly Hawaii experience and how they wished everyone in the world had the opportunity to just spend a day in such an environment. This resulted in questioning on "what if this was only that one chance", which led to people going back to enjoying further so as to maximize such opportunity. There was general agreement that most guests would indeed do anything to have a similar experience in the future; they would all play by the laid down rules. I, too, was in this agreement. In fact, many are the times I closed my eyes for several minutes and even slapped myself so I could understand where I was dreaming; it turned out I was in heaven for real, not through a dream.

The downside was that I would have really enjoyed being there will all my Facebook friends but was only with three of them. This reality led to self-questioning on what I could do ensure that my friends were there, on which I sparked a conversation with few fellow guests. The solution we came with was that all we could do was tell of the experiences we had and the virtues of laying proper preparations to afford a trip to Hawaii, which depended on individual interest with such a heavenly trip. For sure, it was agreed unanimously that telling the Hawaiian heaven was enough to captivate friends into looking forward to being part of such good times. Hawaii was indeed a heaven that I would greatly look forward to experiencing with my close friends. I do not want to tell such stories to them through social networks but have them by my side as I go through the sweet times again.

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