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Tuck Everlasting

This is a short children’s novel that is written to bring out the issues of immorality in the society. The writer ahs used humorous illustrations to discuss this issue. It is written by Natalie Babbitt. The writer was born in Dayton, Ohio, on July 28, 1932.The book discusses how in today’s life there is a great immorality among the youth; the main focus of the book is to show the negative side of immorality that is nowadays taken as an order of the day. It has 25 chapters. The novel circulates in the life of a girl called Winnie. She lived in a small town called tree gap and one day as he was adventuring in the forest, her life turns magical.

The first chapter shows a bored Winnie who wishes that something good happens in her life; that very evening la man wearing a yellow suit appears and enquiries about her life in the area. After the conversation, her grandmother interrupted the conversation and the stranger is set to go. The following morning Winnie is still thinking whether she should run away from stay; he decides to go to a woodland that the family hand; this is where he met Jesse Tuck taking a drink of water from a natural spring. Winnie tries to take water from the same spring but Jesse stops her from taking the water as they were struggling; Mae and Miles Tuck arrive on horseback and kidnaps Winnie. In the confusion, Winnie notices the man with a yellow suit in the house that she was taking. She was crying when Mae Tuck removed his music box and [played to calm her. she gets some comfort. The explanation that was given by the Bucks regarding the reason to stop her from drinking water from the spring is that the water assured that they lived forever. The water made the drinker immortal. Winnie started to love the Bucks and was taught on the need no to show anybody of the spring. In the meanwhile, the man in yellow suit engaged in a deal to return Winnie to her people in the exchange of for ownership of their wood.


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Desperate to get their daughters’ back, Winnie’s parent; agreed with the deal. When the deal reached constable, the constable was not comfortable in it but accepted reluctantly. At the time they were discussing this at the spring with Winnie at hand Mae Tuck grabs Angus’s gun and hits the man in the yellow suit over the head with it, he fell down unconsciously.

Later the constable returned Winnie to her people, the man in the yellow suit died and when the new reached Winnie, and then Winnie decided that he is going to rescue Mac, who had been threatened to be killed if the yellow man died out of the head beat. They planned that they will rescue Mac from the cell, they broke the window at night, Mac was run away and Winnie was left in the cell as he waits for her fate in the following morning. In the end, Winnie realized that she was in more trouble because many men looked her different and were much attracted to her. The book ends with a summary that portray that the forest has been cleared; it had long since been bulldozed and the Bucks had moved to fosters many years ago. Winifred Foster had died two years before they feels sorry for what had happened to him but they were happy that Winnie had lived her life the way that she wanted (Babbitt, 1975).

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