U.S. President North Korea Nuclear Issue

The manner in which the U.S president handles the North Korean restarted nuclear program will greatly determine his re-election prospects in the elections to be held in a three months time. The Americans are watching the president's move closely since they are very concerned about the North Korean Nuclear program. The president thus should act in a manner that consolidates his trust among the American in order to win the election. He should opt for the best choice because the presidential opponents are also determined to take advantage of his failure to make a wise decision as their chance to defeat him in the elections.

Factors to consider

There are several factors influencing the strategy that the president will employ to resolve the North Korea nuclear issue. Some of the major issues that the president needs to put into consideration include: U.S national interest, the role of China, Korea Republic- U.S alliance and the North Korea's difficult stance (Arnswald, 2003).

U.S national interest in the region

To determine the most suitable strategy for handling the North Korea's nuclear issue would be to first evaluate the U.S national interests and the benefits the nation gets from the region. The main interests that U.S has in the region are ensuring that it sustains U.S security and freedom of action, maintaining its international commitments and contributing to global economic welfare. Maintaining peace in the Northeast Asia will work best for the economic wellbeing of the globe. The strategy that the president adopts should also address the commitment of the nation to treaties such as the 1953 Mutual defense Treaty with Korea republic. Maintaining a Nuclear-free Korean isthmus enhances peace and stability in the whole region. The best strategy should address these issues in the most optimal manner (Arnswald, 2003).

Role of China

The president should also consider the role that China plays in solving the North Korea nuclear issue. This is large because North Korea depends on China for energy and food supplies since the two countries have strong ties. Though North Korea depends on China for economic as well as political success, the two have different ideas. The president should thus discuss with the Chinese authorities in order to consider their opinion in resolving the issue (Cabot, 2003).

Republic of Korea-U.S alliance

Though the alliance between Republic of Korea and the U.S has been strong over the last fifty years, there has been a strain in the bond. The president should consider the effect of the strategy of handling the nuclear issue to the republic of Korea alliance. This is because a poor strategy will compromise the long term friendship between the two nations. The strategy that the president adopts should strengthen the friendship between the two countries since the Republic of Korea is an important U.S ally in the north East Asia region (Victor, 2003).

North Korean difficult stance

The president should take into account that handling North Korea is not a smooth ride. North Korea is naturally a difficult negotiating partner. The best strategy should be able to bring light at the end (Victor, 2003).

The president's options

Some of the options that the president can employ include: engagement and using preventative military strikes. The best strategy that takes into account all the factors discussed above is engagement (Victor, 2003).


Engagement entails dialogue and negotiations aimed at convincing North Korea. This strategy should emphasize the application of diplomatic and economic efforts to resolve the situation. This method should be vigorous but engage flexible bilateral and multilateral diplomacy with the Korean authorities. This diplomatic strategy can entail a formal security promise to North Korea by the U.S. The promise could be for instance a treaty that North Korea will not be attacked by the U.S and its allies. It will also be necessary to involve china and Russia in the diplomatic efforts since the two have firm geopolitical interests in Korean operations. Japan can also be included in the process since the nation is also determined at keeping peace within its surrounded. This strategy has an advantage in that it does not compromise with the general peace and stability of the globe. It will also assist the president to strengthen the U.S. relationship with North Korea as well as other nations in Asia. Resolving the issue diplomatically will help the president win the trust of the American citizens (Victor, 2003).

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