Writing Five Paragraph Essay

Five Paragraph Essay Writing Advice


While writing an essay, you are to allow your ocean of thoughts to flow onto the page and express them through words, phrases, idioms, explanations, life examples and so on. To make this flow of thoughts understandable and let your reader grasp the meaning of your message, you should write it clearly. All the parts of your essay should be interconnected and related to the same subject. Same goes to writing five paragraph essays. Using this format correctly is very important to convey the message to a reader properly. Read on to learn how to write five-paragraph essay that will be clear and well-formatted!

In general, you should use the following essay format:

  1. Introduction. In a five-paragraph essay, an introduction is an overview of a topic. It should be written in a way that allows the reader to comprehend what the essay is going to be about. The introduction is an extremely important part of your essay because reading it, the reader understands whether they want to keep on reading the entire essay or not. Therefore, it’s crucial to write it very well.
  2. Body Part 1. All three body parts should support the topic explained in the introduction, describe it in more details and develop its arguments. They need to include all facts and figures, as well as appropriate examples for the subject. In the 1st body part, you can write a review the literature sources you have been using for your five paragraph essay. You can also provide the basis for the things you have described in your introduction.
  3. Body Part 2. This part can be more informative, basing on the information provided in the 1st part. Here you can tell about all the things that support the argument you have given in the 1st part and explain them with more details.
  4. Body Part 3. In this part of your essay, you can provide the negative side of the subject of your essay or tell about the opinions that are against your argument. It is an important paragraph of your essay that basically covers the cons of your topic.
  5. Conclusion. Here you are to rephrase the topic you have discussed in your essay and provide a summary of all your body parts. It is important to do it in a way that allows the reader to come to a decision on your topic and understand whether they are in favor or against your argument. You should make your conclusion precise and clear, trying to affect the mindset of your reader in a proper way.

Note that this is a classic format and there can be more or fewer body parts in your essay, depending on how long your essay needs to be. But always remember to keep your essay clear, cohesive and well-formatted.

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