How to Find Your Own Artistic Style

Discover Creative Self


Creativity is within our nature. If you can’t think about yourself as a creative person, it’s not because you lack creativity, but because you simply haven’t discovered your creative side. Unfortunately, some people never discover it within their whole lifetime. In case you feel a call for a creative expression, don’t let it die; seek how you can unveil it. There are so many types of artists and so many forms of art that you’re bound to find one that suits you best. A musician, a visual artist, a sculptor, a photographer or an actor – there are many different ways that you can express yourself. Once you discover yourself and recognize your creative edge, it would be easier to strive and develop in the selected area.

Here are the top 5 ways that you can find your artistic style:

  1. 1) Start a collection. What does it have to do with art – you may ask. While it doesn’t look like something related to being an artist, but it can lead you to other forms of art. You can start collecting something that resonates with your personality. It can be wrappers, business cards, pictures, trinkets etc. Pin the on a bulletin board or create a special folder of box for them. When you have gathered a considerable collection of something look at it attentively and try to recognize a trend. If there are lots of bright colors at your disposal, you should use these colors by all means. If you notice that there are many portraits of people in your collection, then chances are you need to start sculpting or taking photos.
  2. 2) Try drawing in different styles. Maybe, you have tried drawing before, but have your tried drawing in different styles? You can choose to draw with pen or pencil, or you can draw with chalks or bright colors. Find a method you enjoy and start mastering your technique and skills!
  3. 3) Try photography. Try shooting extensively for a week or two with every camera that’s available to you. Look for different websites for inspiration from different renown photographers and decide on what you would like to capture. People, nature, animals, objects – what resonates with you most? Try different compositions and colors. You can choose to make color photos or go with a black and white style. If you recognize photography as your creative calling, consider buying a better camera. Also, don’t forget to experiment with digital photo-editing tools!
  4. 4) Indulge into painting. You can try realistic painting, surreal art, splatter paint or create your own style. Look at the brush and unleash the best of what your creative self can offer to the word.
  5. 5) Consider sculpture. There are different materials that you can use for creating sculptures – yarn, wire, clay or the combination of different materials. Learning to sculpt is about spending a lot of time and making a lot of mistakes – so, be ready. Good news is that results are rewarding. Remember that sculpting is a difficult form of art to start with.

Maybe, the world is hungry for your creative genius. Why don’t you start today?

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