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How to Write an Abstract

thesis abstract writing help


The thesis abstract is a very important part of your paper since your examiner usually reads it first. It also forms some expectations, as it shows the main arguments and evidence. Besides, it sets the tone of the paper on the whole. Even though the abstract is a short piece of writing, it means a lot. 

Remember that the thesis abstract can’t be written at the very last minute. Regardless of how time-consuming it might be to write it, you have to spend some effort on making your thesis abstract sound lively. Thus, consider the following writing tips, so that you can construct your ideas and make your thesis abstract gripping. 

So, what points should be considered while writing the thesis abstract?

Here are the main thesis abstract issues:

  1. Length.

Make sure to check the word limit of the thesis abstract that is typically set by the institutional requirements. If there is no prescribed length, then you should write one or two pages at most. Some people prefer a one page abstract because it is a better visual representation of the paper. Other people try to fully develop their ideas and arguments by writing two pages abstract. Regardless of whether you opt for one or two pages thesis abstract, you have to sound both logical and consistent.

  1. Structure.

The thesis abstract should mirror the structure of your paper. Therefore, you should include all the necessary elements – the problem you were researching, the methodological approach, the results and the contribution. 

  1. Balancing the word budget.

It is a usual problem of many people who write a thesis abstract since they typically focus on the problem or the research questions forgetting about the methodology and methods. You can simply state them rather than not to mention them at all. Make sure you talk about the results since they are the actual aim of your paper. 
The best advice to start writing an abstract is when you have properly done the analysis. This way, you have enough arguments and evidence you can rely on. Moreover, you have already studied the problem, so you know its importance.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean you can’t write the thesis abstract until you have finished your paper. Make sure that you have some results before you begin writing an abstract. Afterward, you might make the required corrections. It is easier to change some parts of the abstract rather than to start from scratch, isn’t it?

The thesis abstract is a mini-statement of your paper that represents your results. The fact remains that the thesis abstract is a small version of your paper. Thus, do not make your abstract either a trailer or an advertisement. It shouldn’t be either the introduction to the piece of writing or the blurb that one can find on the back of the book.

Consider these tips whenever you need to write an abstract, so that you achieve your goals in making it the best tiny version of your whole piece of writing.

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