How To Write A Case Study Paper

how to write a case study paper


The case study is a written work, presupposing a methodical analysis and evaluation of some topic or problem. Conducting such research, it is easy to fall into one of two extremes, to describe the facts, bypassing the interpretation (fearing its subjectivity), or vice versa, to describe your personal opinion without confirming it with facts. The art of writing essays consists precisely in finding this balance, in the ability to express one’s position, logically having failed it and backed up by rational, objective arguments.

Usually, a good paper gives a description and discussion of several positions or points of view, and then on their basis, a conclusion is drawn reflecting the author’s informed opinion. Therefore, before writing an essay, you always need to formulate what you think about what you write about, what your position is, what idea you will be defending. In the case of our essay, everything is simpler. In fact, the conclusion has already been made (“This experiment is interesting to me”), it remains to describe why.

Case Study Writing Tips

Start working on the essay with reading the title of the paper. What are you going to do, describe, compare, discuss? What question is asked? Do you understand all the terms at this stage? Based on this information, you can start thinking through the plan of your text.

Next comes the turn of the plan and the selection of material. Refer to the literature; try to make an approximate picture of what you will write about. At this stage, you need to make a plan containing the main topics that you are going to raise. Perhaps this outline will be changed later. If your essay involves analyzing a large number of sources, after the initial plan is drawn up, it is worth starting to collect and systematize the data based on it, in connection with themes you will refer to. It is recommended to explore different case study paper examples at this stage of work.

Case Study Creation

The basic ideas are spelled out; the material is collected. Can you start writing? Do not hurry. It is useful first to work out the detailed structure of your text. The essay always consists of three parts; they are introduction, discussion, and conclusion.

Case Study Structure

In the introduction, you must describe the question and its context, and briefly talk about the direction of your reasoning. For example, you may represent the selected study and state why you chose it.

In the second (body) part, the arguments and evidence of your point of view are demonstrated. It is important that the discussion be logical and consistent. In the essay is based on experiments, you can give a description of the research, and describe in detail points you are interested in, whether it is the history of the experiment or result, the technique used, the influence that has been placed on the subsequent development of the research field, etc.

After the essay plan is drawn up in accordance with this three-part “skeleton,” you can start work on the creation of your case study. You can write from any point, for example, some students prefer to have a written discussion first, and then frame it with an introduction and conclusion, some people write all the parts consistently. The main thing is to try to do it briefly, and devote one single thought to each paragraph.

The written text must be checked and edited. Have you answered the question posed? Is it not worth changing some fragments? Do you need to shorten the text to keep within the established limit? Is the text literate? Here are some more tips on writing a case study.

Define The Theme Of The Work

The main error in writing the essay is the substitution of the topic or its incomplete disclosure. As a rule, the reason for this lay in two things, wrong perception or insufficient knowledge. To avoid misunderstanding the topic, you need to read it several times and highlight the keywords.

Start Your Essay Properly

The main thing is to start your text correctly. A quote from a writer, a critic, or just a well-known person on this topic will show the teacher the breadth of your horizons and allow you to qualify for a high grade.


It is necessary to start each new thought with a new paragraph.

This technique is indicative of your developed logic and makes it easier for the teacher to check your work.

The Use Of Quotations

If you write a case study on literature, this writing paragraph is necessary for your paper. Remember, your thoughts and opinions must be proved by a quotation from the different sources. Knowing these tips for writing a case study, you can create a perfect paper.

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