Informative Essay Topics to Help with Essay

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When it comes to writing an informative essay, the hardest thing is to choose a good topic. It needs to suit the format of an informative essay, it has to be interesting and up-to-date, it must be neither too narrow nor too broad, and you should be able to develop it into a good essay. Note that when you are working on an informative essay, you should imagine that your readers do not know anything about it. So provide them with all the information they need to know.

Select one of the informative essay topics:

  1. Caffeine addiction. Tell about people who cannot live a day without caffeine: how they get hooked, how this addiction affects them, and how they feel when trying to quit.
  2. Domestic violence. Provide your reader with all the necessary facts and stats of home violence. Tell how important it is to prevent it and help victims.
  3. Poverty. Narrow this topic down to a specific region. Tell your readers about the way poverty affects individuals and inform them about how they can help the poor.
  4. Plastic surgery. Today many individuals (even teenagers) use plastic surgery to change something in their appearance. Tell about the history of plastic surgery, explain why it became so popular, and reflect on the ways it affects people.
  5. Stress. Here everything is simple: tell how stress affects our lives and how we can prevent that.
  6. Procrastination. You go two ways here: either write about the cons of procrastination and give tips on how to overcome it or tell how one can make this habit work to their advantage.
  7. Prostitution. Focus on the historical discussion of this issue or tell about the dangers of prostitution in the contemporary world.
  8. Anorexia/Bulimia. Discuss the possible causes of these ailments, as well as treatment methods and prevention.
  9. Racism. Tell about the causes and effects, as well as solutions to the issue of racism in the contemporary world. It is better to narrow this topic down to racism in a specific country or system.
  10. Teen pregnancy. You may discuss the current rates and causes of teen pregnancy, looking into such issues as lack of parental control and media pressure.
  11. Violence on college campuses. Tell about the recent attacks on college campuses and explain if you think students can carry firearms.
  12. Homelessness. Narrow it down to a specific region. Tell why this problem is still there and how it can be solved.
  13. Childhood obesity. Take one of the causes of childhood obesity and tell why you think it is a critical one.
  14. Prison overcrowding. Tell how overcrowding in prisons affects inmates and prison staff. Discuss how this issue can be solved.
  15. Cyber-security. Since this is an important issue today, look at it from a number of angles.

Select any of these topics and write a successful informative essay!

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