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Literary Analysis Essays

A literary analysis essay involves close exploration of a particular literary concept and analysis of its constituents with an aim of demonstrating how each of them influences the whole part. There are plenty of literary analysis essay topics to choose from. A student may be free to choose a topic on his/ her own or write on the topic assigned. Literary analysis assignments involve short stories, novels, and poems alike. Each literary work was written with a specific purpose, therefore, you need to distinguish the author’s aim of writing it and prove why you think so. Moreover, you will also want to prove the significance of the chosen literary work within the historical period during which it was written. 

To provide a high-quality essay, start with writing a literary analysis essay outline. It will greatly help you to structure your thought and ideas if you are wondering how to write an analysis. 

Another approach to writing a literary analysis is to do it from your own perspective. Of course, in such case, you will also need to provide supporting ideas to your arguments. 

All, in all, if you need to analyze some literary work, consider the following steps:

  • Identify the purpose of the literary work. First of all, ask yourself what made the author write this short story, novel or poem. What main idea is hidden behind the plot? What message did the author want to convey with it?
  • Try to analyze the plot, setting, characters, imagery, rhythm, etc. in terms of tools that were used by the author for a specific purpose. Identify that purpose.
  • Finally, ask yourself how the literary devices chosen by the author help readers understand the literary artwork.