Strategies for Managing Attention Problems

Pay Attention Strategies for Students


Paying all attention to something connected with studying can be very hard. Is it awful for you to sit with an endless list of questions for the text? Do you have problems with remembering something from your studying program? There are three useful strategies that can ease the process of your studying. Follow them and forget about troubles with concentrating. 

Three Useful Strategies for People who Cannot Concentrate

1 Prepare materials before each lesson

Reviewing information before the lesson can help you understand it better. You will also be prepared to a great amount of information.     When you read it before the lecture, it is easy to understand all of the information given by a professor for the first time. Do not overload yourself in one moment. Let professors do their work in a proper way and you will have your own benefits from it.

Helpful tip:

Call attention to the points that you do not comprehend. Highlight main questions that you want to understand and bring them to your professor. You can ask him or her in the class or write an email afterward. Do not put incomprehensible details until the last night!

2 Learn how to make appropriate notes

Notes can change the process of your studying. If you have troubles with concentrating, choose your own method of making notes and you will see that they really help! You will always have key phrases in your notebook when you need to present material. Use your computer or phone in this process.

Helpful tip:

You need a lot of practice! Write down TV news or radio translations. Try to put all information in several phrases. 

3 Do not use your phone all the time

When your phone does not distract your attention, it is very easy to understand what professor said one minute ago and what he want you to know better. Yes, you can visit the most popular sites, see a lot of posts, read a great amount of news, but you are a student and you should study. Do not be so rude with your professor; your future boss can follow your model of behavior too.

Helpful tip:

Turn your phone off. Do not touch it. Do not check the time. Move it in your bag. Completely avoid it. Who knows how much new you can learn during lectures when you pay all attention into studying.
Hope that these three useful strategies will help you concentrate on the process of your studying. Do not forget to prepare materials before each lecture and to learn how to make appropriate notes! And the most important one is to put your phone away! These useful tips can really change your studying. Try these strategies and make your life simpler.

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