Narrative Essay Topics

Choose Topic for Narrative Essay


Writing a narrative essay can be difficult, especially when you have no idea what you should write about! Wise people say that having a good topic to write an essay on is a quarter of the work. Therefore, topics you chose are very important, and for this reason, we have made a selection of top ten narrative essay topics that will definitely catch the attention of your professor.

Top 10 Narrative Essay Topics

The list below is for all those people who don’t have a clue where they should start working on their narrative essay.

Here are the topics that will make your creative juices boiling:

  1. The influence of your childhood on who you are right now as a person
  2. Things you have understood about love while being in your first relationship
  3. How babies are our best teachers, who can remind us what really matters
  4. What you could have done differently in a failed relationship
  5. What are the reasons that kept you from realizing how significant your parents are, and what eventually led to this realization
  6. How a senior person made you learn an important lesson
  7. How raising a pet influenced your life and personality
  8. How a stranger has influenced your life in a profound way
  9. Why our best friends aren’t always that good
  10. How you significantly helped other person and understood the value of kindness and service to others

Reading through this list you may have thought “how can I write all these things if I haven’t experienced them personally?” That shouldn’t stop you at all!

Make Things Up!

When you’re working on the narrative essay you are in charge, which means that you can even make things up if that’s absolutely necessary to deliver the message that you’re trying to convey. Since the main idea behind the narrative essay is to tell a story, you need to do it and it needs to be a good one. In order for the story to be a good one, you should include a lot of details and it is very important to include sensory details. It may not be the easiest task to accomplish but if you do this, it will increase the engagement of your readers immensely, which in turn, will influence their overall impression.

When working with sensory details, remember that the worst mistake you can make is to go through the details too quickly so that your reader won’t feel anything. Avoid this mistake and describe the situation in a way that you yourself can feel all its peculiarity. On the other hand, if you go into too much detail, your reader can get bored, which will have an equally negative effect. Try to maintain balance when working on these parts. 

When your paper is ready to give it to your friends or relatives and ask for their opinion. If they affirm that it’s good – you can hand it to your tutor.

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