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I love sharing my experience with students. Most of the tips I pass on concern college preparation because I know that stepping into the unknown makes people anxious. And while college makes us think about home tasks, lectures, and research, there’s much more to college life than just studying. Speaking of other things that matter in college, personal appearance is something we frequently underestimate. However, when preparing to meet new people, we are preoccupied (either consciously or subconsciously) with one task: how to make a good impression.

And I understand that some of you might disagree, but appearance plays a crucial role in how you connect with others. So, while you are filling your calendar with important appointments, college interviews, and on-campus meetings, I’m offering you to check out the basic tips that I’m sure will help you present yourself in the best possible light.

  • Smell.

I think I’ll just say it: you should either smell well or don’t smell at all. You might have been running to catch the bus, or working out in the gym, or practicing for a new football match, all of which are vital for you. However, no one else should know about it. At least make sure people don’t learn about it just by sitting next to you. And you should know that dousing yourself in body spray or using a deodorant won’t save the day. You have to take a shower. I give this advice because I often meet students who do not smell their best. Although saying this might seem downright rude to someone, I know that by reeking of unwashed body you lose your opportunity to connect with others. If you are not really into perfumes and commercial brands, there’s a lot of organic deodorants you will enjoy. By the way, sweat is not the only scent you should get rid of. Scent of food is not something other people will enjoy, either, so make sure your hair and clothes do not reveal all mom’s cooking secrets.

  • Dandruff.

No matter how unsightly it is, people always spot it. Flaky dead skin on your hair and shoulders might show that you do not care. If you happen to have dandruff in your hair, find a shampoo, there’s a lot of them on the market. If your condition is rather serious and you cannot deal with it quickly, consider wearing a scarf or a hat. 

  • Clothes.

Your clothes should be appropriate. By this I mean that shorts, for example, might be acceptable on the street, but they will send a wrong message during a job interview. There’s a list of clothing items which you shouldn’t wear when going to formal events. They include but are not limited to tank tees, very short dresses, torn jeans, uggs, etc. Although they might give you a sense of individuality, they will be frowned upon and you don’t want that while meeting, let’s say, an admission officer.  

To conclude, your appearance is important even if you think it’s not. Don’t let small things distract attention from your talents, skills, and character traits.

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