5 Genius Ways to Stay Awake During Class

how to stay awake in class


Among all the useful tips for students, advice on how to stake might be the most useful. After all, it has been scientifically proven that students are more inclined towards falling asleep in class than in any other setting. There is something special about the monotony of lectures and the tone of voice most professors use that is especially calming. It is also important to remember that student who leads active academic and social lives have little time to sleep. They feel exhausted most of the time and have to find the lost time at least sometimes. However, while falling asleep is natural, no professor will be happy with you if that happens.

Here are 5 techniques to help you avoid their wrath:

1 Drink water

Yes, it is that simple. Coffee is unavailable in classrooms unless your professor is very liberal, but a water bottle can save you from hitting your desk with your head. Water has a lot of antioxidant properties and gives you something physical to concentrate on.

2 Choose an object to fidget with

It does not have to be one of those expensive spinners, but manipulating an object can help you concentrate and stay awake. You can pick anything, even your pen. Move it from side to side or twist it in your hand. Just make sure you are not distracting your fellows.

3 Count random events

You know how drivers try to spot a car with one tail light when driving to avoid falling asleep? You can do the same thing in class. Count how many times you professor says a particular word or register each time you classmate fixes their hair. Don’t be too obvious about it though or people might think you have a crush!

4 Move

While you can’t exactly dance in class, slightly tapping your fingers or moving your feet can help you remain alert. Some people even try to twist in their sits! Stretching is good too if you know how to remain inconspicuous about it. Relieving the tension in your muscles will fill you with fresh energy you so desperately need.

5 Wash you face

We’ve already discussed that water in your mouth is good for you, but water on your face is excellent too! Some cool freshness is definitely a good wake up call. If you don’t want to glisten with moisture during class, you can apply water strictly to your eyelids. It’s a bit less effective, but still very helpful.

Staying awake after a long and sleepless night is hard, especially in class, but these techniques can help you out when you will need it most. Nevertheless, you should try catching a nap if opportunity arises.

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