Ways to Improve Your Memory

How to Develop a Better Memory


If you do not know how to improve your memory, this article is for you. There are many methods to bring back your memory. We have found the most effective ways to boost your memory and have made a list. So, try them all and you will see the changes.

Sleep a lot

The less you sleep, the more you suffer. Your brain sorts and stores new memories when you are sleeping. If you do not sleep normally, it would not do this.

Exercise a lot

Exercise can improve the memory. Aerobic exercises like running or swimming increase brain activity. The more you move, the more oxygen your blood gets. Nourish your brain.

Have conversations

Talking with people helps your brain to complete high-level processes. You should engage in conversation, understand the meaning of the words, and reply. So, conversation with friends can really boost your memory.

Try new experiences

Challenge the brain with new locations and facts. Do not let your memory suffer. The same activity turns on the autopilot. New experience stimulates the brain. Explore countries and continents. Try to solve puzzles and stimulate the memory.

Challenge yourself

Our brains require high-level and complex processes. People can save their memory to old age. Try to keep your memory sharp. For instance, after watching a TV, try to remember what you have just seen. What was it about? How did those people look like? How old were they? Challenge your brain and keep your memory safe.

Laugh a lot

As you know, stress is very harmful to our organism. When you are under stress for a long time, it can be reflected on your memory. Laughter counteracts harmful effect of stress. It can also improve the short-term memory. 20 minutes of funny videos can support your short-term memory.

Try different types of meditation

There are a lot of types of meditation that can boost your memory. How? To retain and store information, you need to be focused. Meditation blocks the distractions and sharpens the attention. Moreover, meditation has effects on cerebral blood flow (one more memory-boosting effect).

Eat berries (especially blueberries)

Berries can improve memory recall and retention. In berries, there are flavonoids, which can improve a vascular function. As we have said before, a good blood flow is helpful for your brain.

Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for us to be healthy. There is a connection between this vitamin and our memory. "Sunshine vitamin" improves verbal memory scores. It can also protect our brain from dementia.


Mind wandering assists our brain to store memories. It helps improve our memory like when we sleep. It can also be dangerous because the quick change from one task to another without a break may harm the ability to recall information.

You can make an amazing thing with your memory! Love and take care of yourself.

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