Work-Life Balance & Free Time

Work-Life Balance & Free Time


Sometimes you feel as if you did not have enough time for yourself. Working all week long and trying to enjoy a tiny period of rest on the weekend can distort a healthy balance of life. Each of us wants to achieve some kind of harmony between our free time and our work. 
The current situation is not as easy as it seems to be. There is a problem with coordination. Actually, there is not much need to have more time. In fact, we depend on our family and friends. We need them and their presence. It is hard to solve a problem of a work-life balance solely.

To show you the difference between people’s perception of workweek and weekend, we conduct a study, which describes the fluctuations in people’s feelings. As it was discovered, such emotions as stress, nervousness, pleasure, and laughter – parts of our welfare – are at the lowest level in two first work days. In the end of the workweek, the level of welfare increases. In two last days, it is on the peak. It is evident that people live a real life for the following last two days.

It was unexpected to find out that unemployed people have the same indices. They have similar fluctuations if compared to those who work. The question is: why two last days of the week are so significant for them?  
The answer is hidden in the concept of equality. Every person values everything in his or her own way. In the end of the workweek, we like spending lots of time with our family members, beloved ones, or close friends. The jobless do the same. In accordance with our study, the social time in these days increases. So, the importance of the weekend consists in truth that people are off their workplaces at the same time. In this period all people come back to synchronization with the society. They can get what they want to – time together.

Do not try to get extra weekends. Refusing to work is not a good variant. In this case, you will spend your time as the jobless do. This problem requires a deeper solution. The best decision is to coordinate your social time. You can also adjust schedules of your friends and family with yours. Thanks to this, you do not need to wait until they finish their work.
Find your own work-life balance. It will help you to make your life brighter!

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