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Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Our custom writing company offers an exclusive progressive delivery service for all its clients, which helps them manage long and complex papers (20 + pages double-spaced and 10 + pages single-spaced papers) more effortlessly.


  • The customer can easily track the process of paper writing since several drafts will be sent to him/her for approval before the final deadline expiry.
  • The customer has the right to get his/her paper revised free of charge during the first 30 days after the deadline expiry.
  • The most knowledgeable and experienced writers and editors are allowed to work on big projects.
  • All such orders are under careful supervision of a professional manager, who ensures successful completion, top-notch quality, as well as the fast and efficient communication between the writer and customer.

Procedure of Sending Drafts:

  • If the order urgency is 4 days or less – the writer has to send one draft within 50% of deadline set by the customer (for instance, if the order has a 3-day deadline, a draft will be sent in 1.5 days). The volume of the draft takes 25% of the whole paper volume (as such, if the order has 20 pages, the writer has to send a 5-page draft).
  • If the order urgency ranges within 5-11 days, two drafts are sent to the customer within 25% and 50% of order deadline accordingly. The drafts are sent in the volume of 25% and 50% of the total order volume respectively.
  • If the order urgency is 12 days and more –three drafts are sent within 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline provided by the customer in the volume of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the overall order volume respectively.

This service costs only 15% of the order price*

* If the customer would like to change some points of this system and get an individual delivery plan, we can gladly assist hi,/her by taking his/her preferences into consideration. In this case, all order details are discussed by the customer and manager of the order.

Additional Services Provided for 1-19 Page Orders

1-Page Summary

Getting a one-page summary, which outlines the key points of the paper, is a wonderful option, which is highly recommended for customers who need to present their research paper to the audience or report on the researched topic.

Draft of the Paper

Some customers want to make sure that the writer assigned to their orders is on the right track. In this case, we highly encourage them to order a one-page draft option, since it allows receiving a one-page draft after 50% of deadline expiry. For example, if the urgency of the order is 7 days, the draft will be sent in 3.5 days.

Extended Revision Service

Our company provides excellent quality papers and guarantees free revisions within 2 days after the order delivery. However, if the customer has some doubts or hesitations, he/she can order an extended revision service, and this timeframe will be prolonged to 14 days!

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