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It is a well-known fact for any researcher and academic worker that proofreading and editing are crucial for all kinds of papers. Even when the content of the work is perfect and its structure is correct, the minor punctuation or formatting mistakes can spoil the general impression about it. Besides, academic papers that contain errors are usually perceived as not professional, which affects the scholar’s reputation and the study’s value. Therefore, it is undeniable that proofreading is one of the most important stages of work if you are dealing with any sort of academic writing.

What Is Proofreading?

Basically, proofreading implies a careful examination of the paper in search for any errors in word choice, punctuation, grammar, style, or any other aspect of the work. This is done with the purpose of correcting all the errors, and this is done when the paper is complete, for editing does not mean restructuring the paper in general or changing its content. Some structures or phrases may be improved or rearranged, but in general, the paper’s outline stays unchanged.


I’m new here 15% OFF

Proofreading is essential for all kinds of academic assignments, but it is especially valuable in case of presentations, published articles, books, and dissertations. It is unacceptable to present to the public a paper that contains some typos or minor mistakes, which is why some works require a more thorough checking. Besides, even the smaller papers at universities and colleges need to be error-free, as it is extremely disappointing to lose points because of some unimportant details. To avoid such situations, one should take enough time for proofreading and editing.

Proofreading and Editing Service

After spending countless hours and days on your paper, you may find it hard to focus and spot all the mistakes in your work. It can even be exhausting to read your writing all over again, as after creating the work, you may be sick and tired of it. This is a typical situation for different researchers, and to help them, we have created a proofreading agency.

TopWritingService.com deals with proofreading and editing all sorts of papers, including essays, term papers, course works, dissertations, PPTs, and many others. We are the most trusted proofreading service in the U.S., and here is why:

  • Only native English speakers work at our company. This guarantees that not even a tiny mistake in your work will be overlooked;
  • Professional editors check your papers. We do not trust your works to random freelancers: only the highly qualified and experienced experts will proofread your papers;
  • We deal with all the disciplines. We have a great team of experts from different academic spheres, so whatever your need is, we will have someone whose qualifications match your request.

Proofread My Paper Online

While some students use a special software and online programs to check their papers for mistakes, TopWritingService.com offers a fully manual error check. This approach has a number of advantages, the main being that no machine will ever manage to perform such accuracy and sensitivity as humans. This is why, at our company, your paper will not be scanned by any programs, but will be read and corrected by true professionals, who are trained to spot and fix even the smallest inaccuracies.

Our service has been assisting students from all over the world for many years, and their grateful feedbacks serve as the best proof of our efficiency. Through these years of work we also gained invaluable experience, which made us true masters of editing. You can absolutely trust your most important academic paper to our experts, because they have all the skills needed to proofread it quickly and effectively.

All the editors in our team have PhD degrees, but it does not mean that they can only proofread dissertations and other most sophisticated papers. TopWritingService.com deals with all academic levels, and we can check your paper regardless of your course and year of study. In case you are an international student whose knowledge of English is not perfect, our service is irreplaceable for you. We will gladly help you to get the best grades and succeed in class.

Professional Essay Editing

When ordering an editing and proofreading service at TopWritingService.com, you can be sure that our team will pay attention to the following aspects:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • style
  • spelling
  • flaw of the text and its coherence
  • text’s logical organization
  • wordiness
  • sentences’ structures
  • tenses

When will My Paper Be Ready?

At our website, you choose the deadline and we match it. Our editors do their best to provide the best results as soon as possible. As a rule, editing and proofreading take about 1 day, and sometimes more for big papers. However, if your order is urgent, we will arrange a faster service for you.

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Our Advantages

With TopWritingService.com, you can always count on the following benefits:

  • Error-free papers that will gain the best results at school;
  • Timely delivery of the checked paper to your order;
  • Full-time customer support in online chats and via phone;
  • Highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to their work;
  • Affordable cost of services;
  • The widest range of parameters that we can work with;
  • Secure payment options;
  • Convenient website;
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
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