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A movie critique essay refers to a type of academic writing that aims to provide a critical analysis and a detailed evaluation of a specific movie. As such, a writer needs to provide a brief overview of the movie plot but focus the bulk of the paper on critically discussing the movie’s strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the writer has to express own opinion on whether the movie is worth watching and provide overall impressions after watching it. Apart from simply providing one’s opinion, it is necessary to support arguments and claims with ample evidence as well as examples, quotes, and other illustrations from the very movie. It should be clear how the writer arrived at a specific conclusion.

Structure of a Movie Critique Essay

  1. Introductory paragraph: provide a short summary of the movie, introduce to the movie’s main topic and characters, as well as formulate a strong thesis statement, where you convey the central argument regarding the film.
  2. Body paragraphs: the author should link the ideas presented in the thesis to those expressed in the body paragraphs. It is essential to elaborate on them in detail. Each body paragraph should be united by a single idea with sufficient proof.
  3. Conclusion: the main points and findings should be reiterated. It should also be highlighted whether the main claim in the thesis was true or not. It is also needed to provide a personal opinion about the movie in the conclusive paragraph.

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Aspects to consider when writing a film critique:

  1. Identify whether the movie characters perfectly fit into the film genre (regarding the way they interact with each other and are featured in the movie). Besides, analyze their motivations.
  2. Closely analyze the plot: whether it attracts audience’ attention from the very beginning, whether it has a secret/ mystery behind, whether it is interesting, whether it has turning points whatsoever.
  3. Pay attention to the dialogues: are they clear? Do they convey some idea of the core topic? Was the purpose of the movie achieved?
  4. Make sure you include your own suggestions on how the movie could have been improved.

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Preparing a Film Critique Step by Step

At first sight, it seems that writing an essay or a critical piece of writing is a tough task. However, it may be only challenging when you want to start off rapidly without having a plan prepared well in advance. To provide a successful piece of analytical writing, it is essential to follow such steps:

  1. Watch the movie attentively at least two times (especially if the movie is new to you). Often, students get movie critique assignments based on movies that they have already watched. However, watching a movie for pleasure and watching a movie in order to provide a film critique are different things. When you need to write a critical evaluation of the movie, you should not watch it like a member of the general audience but as an active viewer. You need to be always alert and take notes of the most important plot twists, dialogues, and interactions among the characters. Therefore, make sure you have enough time to watch the movie with pauses because you will frequently have to pause and jot down important things.
  2. Identify the core elements of the movie. While watching the movie, make sure you know what the theme is about and what topic the movie revolves around. This will help you form the backbone for your analysis.
  3. Make notes about characters. Make sure you understand the role of each one in the film. Why has the director introduced each character? Who is the antagonist? Who is the protagonist? How does the supporting cast play? Which personality traits do the characters have?
  4. Analyze the role of the movie director and the other members of the team working on the movie. How was the movie created? What about the visual effects and music? What about the costumes?
  5. Make sure you include a concise summary of the movie plot in order to make it clear what the movie is about. Make sure you link it to the analysis of the film.
  6. Only after you have fulfilled all of the aforementioned steps, start writing your movie critique. Afterward, double-check whether it has all of the required elements.

Widely accepted five-paragraph scheme:

  1. In the first paragraph, provide background (introductory) information, such as the movie title, the year it was released, the director, the theme, and a clearly formulated thesis statement at the end.
  2. In the second paragraph, outline the storyline concisely.
  3. In the third paragraph, focus on settings and the general message conveyed.
  4. In the fourth paragraph, make sure you give analysis and critical evaluation of some film-making techniques as well as symbols, topics, characters, etc.
  5. In the fifth paragraph, provide a conclusion, where you reiterate your thesis and provide a succinct summary of the film.

As the final step (post-writing technique), make sure to edit and proofread the paper to make sure it follows the structure and is free from grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, and typos.

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