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Creating a book summary is a perfect opportunity for you to grasp the general message of the book and evaluate what you have been reading. Besides, summarizing the book helps you keep track of the key events of the storyline and remember the main characters. A summary writing service can provide you with a summary that is either a separate academic writing assignment or just as a way of taking notes, which entail the most important facts. Expert book summary service will help you if you are not good at academic writing or you simply have no time to provide a proper summary.

To write a book summary of an outstanding quality, you need to carefully read the book paying attention to the most important events, characters, and plot twists. It is also highly recommended to take notes during reading and jot down brief narration of events.


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Book Summary Services Recommend the Following Strategy:

Take Notes

Take a notebook and write down any details that you consider important in the book. It is advisable to have a pencil and a small notebook so you could either jot down something important or underline some quotes/ details/ examples in the very book. Taking notes may seem a time-consuming process at first, but with its help you will actually economize on time further because you won’t need to turn back to searching for some facts in the book when you decide to write your summary. It is also important to be organized when taking notes. When the book is large and you write down everything in a row in the same notebook, such ideas layout may seem confusing later. Therefore, you can divide your notebook into sections or take pieces of paper of different colors (if you are taking notes on sheets of paper) and write separately details relating to characters, plot twists, your general impression from the book, etc. You might also consider writing down a list of unknown words from the book. Sometimes, the writer has his/ her own peculiar writing style and uses some words that might not be easily recognized. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dictionary and write out their definitions.

When summarizing the book, you should know the names of the main and secondary characters. Therefore, keep a list of the book characters as they appear in the process of reading. The following strategy of enlisting characters is suggested: you write down their names, brief description, and the role they play in the book (for example, why each character is introduced and what role he/ she performs). If the book is about some large family, you may as well indicate their relations.

You can also draft a timeline of the main events of the storyline. Such strategy is especially helpful when the narration is confusing and it is hard to trace from the very beginning which event happens when, which event is proceeding, which event belongs to one’s memories, etc.

If the book is considerably long, divide it into sections and write notes correspondingly. For example, if the book was not divided into chapters by the author, you might just think of separating it into three chronological parts: beginning, main events (the middle section), and the ending. As such, the beginning section will be devoted to the introductory part (the first mention of the story characters, the story setting, and so on). The middle section concentrates on the main conflict, problem or idea of the book. The final section will resolve the main conflict and clarify the main riddle in the turn of events.

When you take notes, it is important to identify the main idea of each chapter as an individual section of the book is devoted to a specific event, character, purpose or theme. What is a book summary without distinguishing the core idea of the story/ book? In the process of reading, try to apply your analytical and critical skills and think of the main lesson the book provides. What message did the author intend to convey when writing this book? Why did he/ she introduce these specific characters? What problem does the author shed light on?

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Create a Rough Draft and then Edit It

Writing a book summary may have a word count limit. Therefore, before starting to write, please check on it in order to know how many words you have to provide. It is advisable to provide the required minimum number of words but at the same time not to exceed the word count limit greatly. If you do not have the required minimum length, it might create an impression as if you have not read the book assigned. On the contrary, if you write too much, it might demote that you cannot properly organize your thoughts or cannot focus your attention on the most important parts.

When you start writing a summary paper, begin with an attention-grabbing and informative introductory paragraph. Make it clear what the book is about, what its main argument/ idea is, and what the main characters are. Also briefly introduce the author of the book. If needed, mention his/ her background (if it directly relates to the way of storytelling).

Further, move on with the explanation of the main points of each book section. To properly narrate how the plot unfolds, use the formerly prepared book notes. In a few sentences, briefly state what the core events in each section are and clearly explain them. Make sure you mention how they interrelate and why each section is significant to the overall storyline. In other words, in this part of the book summary, you combine narration of the plot with your interpretation of the key events.

When writing a conclusion, make sure you reiterate the core idea or argument mentioned in the thesis. Also make sure to elaborate on your personal feelings or experience you have gained after reading the book. What lesson have you learned? How do you find the topic/ theme of the book? Was it worth developing? Make sure the conclusive paragraph is logically complete. Still, do not include your personal opinion of the book because it will sound subjective. According to a book report helper, a book summary should be written in as neutral mode as possible. Do not focus on your feelings or opinions of the book. The same concerns your critical opinions of the author: do not judge whether he/ she was effective in communicating the main message across or not.

After you have finished with the conclusion, switch over to proofreading part. You need to spend sufficient time on checking the mistakes. Ensure that all words (including proper names) are correctly spelled. Also to make the process of finding mistakes easier, read the paper aloud. After the paper editing, make sure to check on the word count once again. If you have deleted much of the text and thus do not meet the word count limit, make sure to add some information.

Even if you consider paper editing to be a time-consuming task, it is required that you spend some time re-reading your work. You need to make sure the summary makes sense and is logical in terms of development. If you do not have an eye for detail and cannot easily spot mistakes, you might as well give the paper for proofreading to your friend, family member or group mate. It will be easier to spot mistakes for those people who look at your paper for the first time.

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Read the Summary in Detail

First of all, you need to find a quiet place where you won’t be bothered, interrupted or distracted by annoying people or things. If you have some gadgets nearby, switch them off or put them in silent mode. Nothing should distract your attention from reading the assigned book. Make sure that you enjoy the process. In case you read the book in the evening or at night, you should make sure the room is well-lit. Therefore, care for the lamp in advance. Do not strain your eyes because you will feel annoyed and anxious. Read the book slowly and in small sections. Actually, to make sure your concentration span is kept at its proper degree, make breaks after every 15-20 minutes you read the book. Actually, the time range for daily reading may be adjusted depending on the task urgency and the total book length.

Sometimes it would be enough to dedicate 20-30 minutes per day for reading, whereas in other situations you might be required to devote the whole 1-2 hours. If you do not want to spend night reading, then you should manage your time effectively. Make sure you get the habit of reading every day. If you got an assignment to write a summary for a literature class or a book club, then do not postpone this task and start reading as soon as possible because otherwise you will be left with no other option but to buy a book summary essay. Do not put yourself under stress – start reading as soon as you were informed about the book choice for the summary task. If the book has some key moments or passages, make sure you re-read them two or three times if needed in order to properly understand them and derive the most important point. As a rule, such paragraphs or sections that are worth your close attention refer to some turning points or decisive events from the book. While reading the book, pay close attention to each main character and the logic or motif that lie behind his/ her behavior. Trace the episodes where each character is introduced to the story. Do not distract your attention with trivial details. Make sure you do not take them into account when writing a summary – include only key facts and the information that is fundamental for in-depth understanding of the book.

Different projects have been developed in schools in recent years, like book covers, for example, where the students must draw a cover of the book they have read, write a few paragraphs on its back and ‘sell the book’ describing its entire content in a page or two. Nothing difficult as it may seem at the first glance; however lack of time may turn this easy and interesting task into a student’s nightmare. Apart from reading books, writing book reports, coping with tons of home tasks you may also be assigned to essay writing or making lab reports. Not easy to cope with all that, isn’t it?

In that case, the first name that comes to mind is – the one and only company that is able to solve your writing problems once and for good.  It is all by the virtue of our hardworking and committed team that we provide the best book summaries in the market.

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