Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you offer?

    Our company is known in the market by the name of We deliver anything and everything you can think of including custom written essays, PowerPoint presentations, and many other written academic assignments. The quality of work we deliver will exceed your expectations. Film reviews are detailed and, research papers are based on rigorous research among reliable sources of information performed by highly qualified writers.

  • Do you use ChatGPT to create annotations?

    No, our company uses only experienced writers to provide students with papers. Only experts can make connections between different sources and develop unique ideas based on their experience and knowledge.

  • What is the actual duration of order fulfillment?

    We are the best in the market because we deliver only top quality services strictly within the deadlines. Time limits of order fulfillment depend exceptionally on you. You can choose the deadlines but the prices will vary accordingly. The options are the following: 3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 7 days, 11 days from the moment we receive your payment. Please keep in mind that we strictly adhere to deadlines you set, so be attentive while choosing the time frame you need your custom paper in. However, you should be aware that we charge a little more for urgent orders. We do our best to meet your expectations and your success is the most reliable proof of our words.

  • How will I find out about the completion of my order?

    We believe that the convenience of our customers is our responsibility. We stay in touch with the customers via telephone and through the Internet. We inform them about all the stages the paper is at and, of course, about the order completion. Thus, we request you to regularly check your mail. Once you get to know that your order is completed you can go to your profile at and download your custom paper, we also send a copy to your e-mail.

  • What additional information do I have to provide to the writer?

    As mentioned above, we have a team of highly educated professors and editors who are creative and knowledgeable enough not to plagiarize the written assignment. Moreover, for the convenience of our customers and in order to design their papers according to their wish we are always open to any suggestions. We are happy to help you in any way we can. Do provide us with the details of your front page so that we can design it too.

  • What information do I have to supply regarding my paper?

    First of all, you should let us know about the format required, languages to be used, and the word limit if any. You can give us the title of the book which you want to be the source for your assignment, as we have access to the electronic library that contains thousands of e-books. We also need you to give us your e-mail address so that we can constantly stay in touch with you.

  • What are the qualifications of the writer who will complete my order?

    Our team consists of educated and experienced professional writers who hold Bachelor, Master's or Ph.D. degrees. Based on the guidelines you provide, we chose the writer with the specialization that will fit the area of research best. If you want your order to be completed by a specific writer, we can fulfill your wish easily. The only condition is the availability of the writer. Irrespective of the specifics of your order, we guarantee to deliver the best quality of work possible.

  • Where and how can I contact the assigned writer?

    Our company is considered to be one of the best in the market for many reasons. One of them is our availability 24/7 - you can contact us at any time via our communication system. The assigned writers can be reached through messages in your Profile - just choose the order in question in My orders' tab and use the messaging system to make your suggestions or inquiries concerning your order.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the service provided?

    When processing orders, we are always guided by your instructions. We guarantee that your paper will exceed your expectations. If there is anything you do not like in your custom paper, contact our support team and our writers will eagerly review the work for you. You can make a free revision request only within 48 hours after the order was completed by your writer. If you still think that instructions were not followed, you can always resort to our Terms and Conditions and your request will be checked by our Quality Control Department.

  • Why should I trust you?

    We won't speak much about our achievements but inquiring about the best writing service you will hear the name of our company - To get the proof of our quality, see the samples of our work displayed on our website.

  • I cannot submit an order form. The page cannot be updated. What should I do?

    Make sure you don't attach too big files to the system. There are size restrictions, which may become a problem when submitting an order form. If you want your writing assistant to study these files, you can send them to our support managers through e-mail.

  • I have selected the wrong academic level/order type/urgency/ formatting style. Can I change these details somehow?

    It is impossible to edit the order form once it is submitted. However, you can solve this problem by contacting a support manager. The price for your order will be recalculated in accordance with the new instructions and you will need to compensate a price difference for applying these changes.

  • How can I know that the writer is working on my order?

    As soon as the writer is assigned, his or her personal ID number will be visible in your order details (Click on the “Writer” line).

  • Can I have a draft for my paper?

    Sure, you can add a 1-page draft to your order. A draft will be available to you after the 50% of the deadline allocated. Please note that this service requires additional payment.

  • How long can it take to find an appropriate writer?

    Our writing department managers are doing their best to assign the writer in the shortest time possible. This process may take from a couple of minutes to several hours. Sometimes, when the order is pretty challenging or sophisticated, it may take more time to find an appropriate specialist.

  • What can cause issues with the order payment?

    It may happen that you see an error "authorization/payment failed." In that case, try using another device/ change the browser/ contact the payment processing company/ bank/ take another option of a bank or payment processing company, use another card, or contact us for further guidance.

  • Although I try to proceed, the order form is still inactive. It is gray or it keeps loading.

    It may happen while you are attaching the materials for the paper. Some formats or extremely large size files are not supported. You can finalize the order placement with no files attached and then forward all the attachments directly to the live chat of the customer support, send them via email, or just upload them later to the section Files in the order.

  • The system keeps requesting payment although I have already paid.

    Send us the receipt and we will check it without any delay. It is in your email inbox. If you cannot find it there, try checking the Trash and Spam folders. In case you cannot find it, check if you have been charged in the bank statement. Our Financial Department can take a screenshot of your bank statement into consideration in case there is no receipt. We will track your payment and let you know. Provided that you have not been charged, the payment has not gone through. Make another attempt and use another device/ change the web browser/ try another card or payment processing company.

  • I believe my assignment is extremely complicated. I would like to be sure that you have an expert who can handle it. Can I check that prior to placing an order and making payment?

    We will definitely check that with the Writing Department if you forward all the instructions and share your concerns with us. We will inform you whether we will be able to complete the order.

  • Shall I give you my real phone number and email? I always avoid sharing my contact information.

    We would like to recommend you giving the valid details as there are numerous cases when it is a matter of urgent concern to contact the customers and get their comments or clarifications about the order details.

  • I am going to have an online exam soon. Could you help me?

    If you check the range of options we offer, you will see that it includes ‘online exams/tests.’ Place your order, choosing the right type of the assignment, and providing all required details concerning the exam. Attach all the necessary articles, files, lectures, and other materials to let the writer get ready for the test. Moreover, make the description complete by adding all the details regarding the date and time of the test, its duration, and time zone. Reading your specific instructions, the writer will get ready for the test and start it when the due date approaches. You will see the results of the test online.

  • Do you have writers for coding tasks?

    Our writers do not code. The only service we deliver is writing. No coding. NO developing applications. No programming.

  • Do you send any notifications?

    Some of the changes in the account will be notified with the help of a text message, a phone call, or a system message. All of the updates will be accompanied by an email sent directly to you.

  • Will I see that you have already assigned a writer to my paper?

    Logging into your customer’s account, you will be able to trace all changes in the order progress. The status of the order is visible all the time. If you see that the status is “Payment Verification,” you have to double-check the payment for the order as it has not gone through. Send us a payment receipt or proceed with payment by clicking on the button “Pay now.” If the status is “Completed / Sent”, it means that you can find the completed paper in the section Files. If the status is “Processing,” it means that the writer is still working on the assignment.

  • When can I download the paper?

    At the very beginning, you chose the deadline and the writer uses the allowed time for the research and writing. Delivery of the paper is done in accordance with the deadline. After the order is placed and the payment is verified and confirmed, the countdown starts immediately. We send the papers precisely according to the deadline. Take this fact into account, thinking about the urgency to choose. For instance, if you have chosen the deadline of 3 days, you will get a completed paper in exactly 72 hours after the payment is verified.

  • The process of order placement is not smooth. Why do I have issues?

    It may happen that you cannot finalize the order placement if you have not filled all the obligatory fields. The next step is to check whether you have attached all the materials to the order. If you cannot upload the files, proceed with the order placement without any attachments, and then send us an email with the indication of the order. You can simply attach all the files and we will upload them to the order and inform the writer.

  • Where can I find the uploaded paper?

    Check your account after the deadline is over. The paper is in the Files section and you can review it to see if it meets your expectations. You can find your assignment on the list of Processing/Completed orders.

  • How can I resolve payment issues?

    Although we cannot resolve financial issues directly, we can give you the guidelines on how to deal with them. If you cannot pay for the order because of payment issues, you can start changing the system of payment or taking another credit/debit card. Besides, there can be issues with the device you use or the browser on it. Try using other ones or contact a representative of the customer support for further directions or details.

  • Can the writer work faster and send me the paper some hours earlier?

    The salary the writer gets depends on the deadline set by the customer from the very beginning. The urgency also determines the salary of the editor and the price you pay for the paper. Any change of the deadlines should be accompanied by compensation for more urgent work; therefore, we cannot ask either the writers or editors to do their work within a shorter period of time.

  • Can I get my assignment sent to the email I indicated in the account?

    After the expiration of the deadline, you can find your assignment attached to the section Files in your account. Besides, there will be a direct link in the email notification that you can use for downloading the paper.

  • I have paid for additional options and a premium level of writing. Does that service include a chance to choose a specific writer to complete my task?

    What you get with the option of premium writing level is assigning the paper to a top 30 expert without any delay. The writer will definitely have huge experience of writing papers in the chosen subject area. Furthermore, you will get not only a completed paper but also a plagiarism report that confirms the originality of the content. The option of having a preferred writer is different. It implies that a specific expert, whose style you really liked, will take another of your assignments and work on it in the same manner. You can choose the same writer for all your orders and also add a service of supreme level writing. Consequently, you will get a paper composed by the writer you chose. The agents will assign this order to a specific writer urgently and produce a plagiarism report to demonstrate the originality of the content.

  • I do not find sharing my phone number safe. Why do you insist on doing that?

    You can skip sharing your personal details, getting registered on the website. Still, we would like to emphasize that the efficiency of the writing process will definitely go up if we can get in touch with you urgently. In some papers, instructions need clarifications and additional files; thus, communication is a must to ensure the successful work of the writer.

  • Can I be sure that the policy of confidentiality is kept in the company?

    Your personal info is absolutely secure. Our strict policy of sharing no customers’ details with any third parties does not allow us to reveal your name, gender, phone number, or email even with the writer. All the data are protected: the writer knows nothing about your contact details, and you have no access to the personal information of the writer either.

  • There is a free period for revision requests. How many of them can I send with no extra charge?

    The number of possible revisions is unlimited if you send your requests within the stipulated timeframe.

  • I am concerned about possible plagiarism in the papers I order. What proofs of originality can you provide?

    We take responsibility for the high quality of your papers and we use a reliable plagiarism checker to make sure that the assignment is exclusive. It is uploaded for your use only after thorough checking.

  • Who works on the assignments?

    We will check the requirements of your paper and choose the most suitable writer in accordance with the expertise, knowledge, and skills in a corresponding field. We have organized a team of experts with versatile experience and abilities, who work in different disciplines and at different levels.

  • How can I be sure that you have done thorough proofreading and editing of my paper?

    You can choose an extra VIP service to be entitled to some additional services from writers and editors. One of the options is additional editor’s proofreading. Clicking on this option, you will get the price added to the overall cost. Consequently, the editor will make sure that the final version of the paper is flawless.

  • How can I check if any writer has taken the order? Can it happen that no one agrees to work on my task and the time will be wasted?

    You can get into your customer’s account and check on the status of every order manually. The status ‘New’ means that the verification of the payment is over. After the writer takes the order and starts working on it, you will see the order status changed to "Processing." The status ‘Sent’ implies that the writer has finalized his or her work and uploaded it in the system. One of the VIP service options is a notification sent by a text message. Thus, you will be always aware of the current order status and its changes.

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