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Economics Essays

Economics is a social science that requires accuracy in calculations and precision when it comes to writing economics essay. Every single claim should be thoroughly supported with evidence and examples while the structure should contribute to the understanding of the ideas. Therefore, economic essays writing might be time-consuming, take much effort, and require clarity in thinking as well as the depth in researching literature.

There are various economics topics for essays, but they always should be approached in a similar way. First of all, analyze the task closely since it will help to determine what specifically is expected of you. Then, break the assignment down into smaller parts in order to be able to cover each of them fully. Finally, you should remember that there is almost no room for improvisation in economics essays, so try to stick to the task instead of adding interesting but unnecessary information.

There are several other points that should be obligatorily considered if you want to write a superb paper. First, use the recommended readings to complete the task. They always contain information that will be indeed helpful. If no suggestion were made, you might ask your professor for such a piece of advice. Second, make sure that the structure simplifies understanding of the arguments rather than impedes the perception. Lastly, do not forget about basic writing rules, for instance, that about the compulsory introduction, body, and conclusion.

Revising and proofreading should then be ensured. Typos, spelling mistakes, and other inconsistencies may ruin impression about the paper even if the argumentation is perfect. Avoid too long or too short sentences and excessive quoting. Use only formal language and concise writing style. Of course, you might consider that these aspects are not important in essays in economics, but, in fact, small details make a great difference.

The Warping Effect of Economic


Political power and economic strength go hand in hand. Organizations and individuals with economic or political power gain incredible benefits in the society. Politicians use money and power to influence situations that will enable them to gain more money...

Food Supply Chain


Food consumption is a natural necessity of all people. In order to satisfy this necessity, people go to the markets, shops, restaurants and other places to buy it. They do not think about how many stages food products have to pass before being eaten. In o...

Sugar Production during the Columbian Exchange



The Columbian Exchange was an essential event in the history of world ecology, agriculture, and culture. It included the interchange of plants, animals, and slaves as well as transmissible diseases between the Eastern and Western world. This Great Exchange started in 1492. Aft...

Starbucks Logo

When it comes to business branding strategy, establishing a company’s logo is one of the most vital decisions. Due to the properly chosen logo, a simple paper cup can turn into one of most popular and recognizable to-go cups in the world. Back in 1971, when Starbuc...

City National Bank



City National Bank is a US financial institution based in Los Angeles. It is known for its banking services it offers for both local and international businesses in the USA and around the world. The bank offers complete complement of banking, investment and trust services in i...

Merchants in China

Merchants have always been an integral part of any society, but the attitude to them has varied across countries and centuries. It is particularly interesting to note how merchants were treated and perceived in ancient China, which is possible to trace on the basis of analysis of primary sources. Fo...

The Importance of Language Leaning

In this paper summaries and analyses of the main points of five lectures dedicated to different aspects of linguistic studies will be provided. All the lectures more or less touch upon the concept of multilingualism and its involvement in our lives. They also cover various issues ...

Use of Technology in Finance

In the recent years, technology has entered all spheres of the human life. There are different ventures in the technology world where companies adopt computerized based activities and keep their clients updated with these innovations. To increase efficiency in their undertakings, both the private an...

The Best Marketing Strategies for Xiaomi and Roy Choi

Any large and developed business has a long history of development. The number of challenges that this business has to pass depends on the start it had – either a capital financial investment or some minimal expenses, but a bright idea of creating something innovative. Xioami and Choi did not expe...

Comparison of Leadership Styles


Effects of the Different Leadership Styles on the Organizations’ Culture

Leadership styles affect small companies as well as large corporations; particularly they build the corporate culture that has impact on the organization and its performance. It can be explained by staff’s desire ...

Optimal International Strategy for Marks & Spencer


Current International Presence

Marks and Spencer commands about 18% of the British retail market, 21% of men’s suits market as well as 33% of women’s underwear market. Besides, the company controls almost 40% of the British underwear market ...

Micro Theory Final Fall Essay

Every investor wishes to invest in the nations that appear to be promising high returns. The investments are done after careful considerations. There are certain places the investors would fear to invest in, but not when the beautiful story of India is mentioned, it does not fall ...

Case Study: Highways Agency



Management of road networks in England is a mandatory observation. The reason is that due to the economic growth and without good roads, a country cannot develop in the right economic direction. In England, Highways Agency is an organization with the sole responsibility of man...

The World Economic Forum 2014

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization and a foundation that does not work for profit, which organizes international economic forums and multilateral summits in its home country of Switzerland, the Alpine town of Davos. The World Economic Forum converges together a lar...

Banks in the UAE


Part I: Driving Force

Driving forces are pressures from external factors that influence changes of the strategies by firms within a particular industry. These driving forces have a significant influence on restructuring the operations as well as altering competition in an industry. Driving...

New Model of Economic For Island Of Economy


The decisions of a buyer are influenced by the need or desire and what the market has provided. There are various things that influence a consumer to buy a particular product, for example, price, taste and preferences, advertisement and many others. Some influencers such as advertisement may m...

Trade Unions



Workers all over the world have recently found it useful to unite so as to articulate their problems with one mutual voice. This has come in the wake of some workers undergoing economic exploitation at the hands of their bosses. It has, therefore, lead to united w...

Economics and Kraft Foods Company



In the recent past, I have managed to go through a few economic courses. Even though most of them were classes with basic principles, they have largely contributed to my interest in economics through inspiration and fascination. Before my economic class in high sc...

The First Asian Model of Western World


The employment landscape of UK's old industrial regions have really been transformed in the past two decades. This is due to the destruction of the tradition industries and also shifts towards the service-based, as a form of employment and the new manufacturing industries which are often a...

Global Recession and Household Purchases


In the advent of the global recession, emphatic attention has been accorded to the national and global economies at the expense of the unprecedented cost of living experienced in the household. As figures keep fluctuating and economies post mild prosperity, households have kept vigil on the ma...

The Emirates NBD



The Emirates NBD is a banking group that was started in 2007 after being featured in the financial markets. "It is the leading group in the United Arab Emirates as it has consolidated the largest banks in the region" (University of Virginia, 2007). It is...

Perfect Competition


With the increasing need for computer software and applications, these products sometimes are in a perfectly competitive market within my area. The sellers make sales to IT firms and other subsidiary users of computer software and applications. No single seller is big enough to have the power ...

The Global Recession 2008-2010


The term recession or crisis happens to part of the obvious and normal cycle of the business. Allegations have it that it will sooner or later take its due course. A general discussion spell out the fact that recessions can be associated with the falling of prices that is referred to as deflat...

Ashland Hercules Water Technologies


In a competitive company, in order to achieve a high turnover and economies of scale in industrial processes, the firm needs to establish proper dynamic framework that re combines both interpersonal and Ashland's administrative skills to manufacture the required chemicals. In the provision...

Economic Journals


Journal one

Name of Journal: Monkeying Around

Author: Anatole Kaletsky

Title of Article: Are the elderly ruining our economy

Publication Date: September 8, 2010

Page Number(s): Paragraph 1-3

In this j...

Chinese Economic Development


The current economic performance that China has exhibited demonstrates that China is indeed on a serious economic roadmap. China has emerged to be one of the countries in the East having huge economic performance as compared to other counties with who it trades with. The present success of Chi...

Microeconomics and Macroeconomics


Science is a broad field that has been researched and studied for many centuries and with the rapid growth, development and improvement of the Internet Communication Technology (ICT) sector and infrastructure, the future of science looks bright. There are however three main branches of science...

The High Cost of Living


Why Is Housing Prices around Colleges and Universities Higher

Upon establishment of institutions such as colleges, universities, hospitals, and other public institutions attracting a large population, the prices of houses within that region tend to rise. The emergence of such ...



The ability economics to determine by measurement the value of social welfare in the human society has for a long time remained a contentious subject. From time to time, politicians, social scientist and economists have long to evaluate and find out whether individuals or society are doing wel...

Elasticity of Goods


Stretton (1999) refers to elasticity as a responsiveness of goods or services to change in price. Therefore, an elasticity of goods refers to the sensitivity of a given type of commodity towards the change of its market price. In macroeconomics, demand for given goods is said to...

Human Capital and Economic Growth


James Foreman-Peck in The Experience of Economic Growth and Human Capital, attempts to engage the debate as to whether poorer countries grow faster? In this respect, he gives two common ways of assessing a country's economic growth. The first is via the use of Beta (β) convergence and...

Assign 5 Finance



Ratios for ABC Medical Centre for the years 2003 and 2002

Profit margin

Net Profit margin= Net income/ Revenue × 100%

The year 2002

Net profit margin=2,280,365/40,780,161×100%=5.5918%


Investment & Budgeting


A joint venture is a business arrangement entered into by two parties being either individuals, corporations or organizations sharing the losses incurred or profits earned from the business arrangement. Theses arrangements may either be official or even unofficial to the extent of handshakes o...

International Trade Operations


Foreign direct investments can be defined as the ownership of different assets in the different companies and land in another country other than that of the parent organization. The definition has also been revised further to incorporate mergers and acquisitions in the different host countries...

Distribution of Income


Madden, argues that income distribution refers to the division of income amongst different individual groups, households, factors of distribution, social classes, to compute an average to be used for comparison purposes. It is mainly influenced by the labor market, education, innate abili...

Activity 6 Finance


I.Response to part A:

Mission Statement for the Open MRI clinic is: To provide comprehensive, efficient, and quality Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Operations in Oakville County.

The Factors that I considered when drafting the mission statement for the O...

Credit Card Innovation


I. Continuous innovation

This is a new concept of biometric credit cards, which will secure the credit cards from all types of the fraudster as it aims to use unique physical features to get an access to a given account. This approach is opposed to the current credit card...

Tariffs on Agricultural Products


In the international trade agricultural goods have higher tariffs than manufactured items. This is because most countries engage in agriculture and therefore have agricultural products enough for domestic consumption and for sale. Many countries impose high tariffs to discourage importation of...

International Trade Operation


Foreign investment increases an investor's investment options, an aspect known as portfolio diversification. Portfolio diversification mitigates investment risks as it reduces the chances of an investor losing all returns as would be the case when investment is centralized. There are two m...

Economies of Scale and Diseconomies of Scale


Mergers and acquisitions are considered a continued source of controversy both in business and politics. However, they are generally important. Size does not necessary determine the success of any business since many mergers fail. Therefore, the ability to understanding when mergers and acquis...

Financing Basics: Debt vs. Equity


In this case study, Jute Plc intends to finance the development of a revolutionary new product which it plans to enhance its competitiveness in the economy. Jute plc only relies on two available options. The options available for the company are equity financing and debt financing. To start wi...

American Economy


The following piece of writing is an advisory to you, the president of the United States of America. It is an actuality beyond doubt that the American economy has been in long existence because of its dominance in the international markets. Indeed, it is a voice to reckon and give respect to. ...

Regulatory Capture and their Prey



The concept of regulatory capture was first coined by Richard Posner, an economist who postulated that regulatory rules are often passed by the powerful elites with the aim of promoting their own self-interests and that the measures do not serve any public interest. T...

Inflation and Government Economic Policies


Inflation can be defined as the constant increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy. It may be caused by a number of factors such as when a government prints excess money "paper money" in a bid to deal with a crisis. The rise in production and labor costs can also agg...

Financial and Economic Implications Analysis


Population Health, Part II-Financial and Economic Implications Analysis of Diabetes

This is the part 11 analysis of the project Population Health, Part one non-infectious disease presentation, in which I conducted an epidemiology of diabetes mellitus. In Population Health, Par...

Working Capital Strategies


Effect of revenue increase on the firm's working capital policy

Revenue of a company affects the working capital accounts such as account payable and receivable and the inventory. The increase in revenue may have either a negative or positive effect on the working of capit...

The Concepts of Free and Fair Trade


"Free" and "fair" are two powerful words often confused and abused especially when applied to the concept of international trade. By definition, Free trade in the international market arena refers to a general open border exchange of goods and services plus information acro...

Recession Strategy


Economic Recession is the general contraction and slowdown in economic activity that leads to the fall of GDP, Investment spending, business profits, employment, capacity utilization, inflation and household incomes but an increase in unemployment rates. One way to bring the economy out of rec...

Law of Demand


The law of demand is not always right. In reality, the demand for some products increases with their prices while the demand for other products remains constant regardless of the change in price. In such conditions, the law of demand never holds.

The exceptions to the law of dem...

International Trading Operations


The trade policy of the United States heavily depends on the way that Obama relates to the economic happenings. Many have asked whether he will respond with Clinton-like policies or he will adopt the "Jimmy Carter" approach. Overall, these do not actually matter because, as his prede...

Financial Analysis


Abstract / Executive Summary

Fireman's Brew, Inc., a California Corporation (the "Company," "we," "us") is Offering (the "Offering") to sell shares of its Series A Common Stock (the "Common Stock") for cash up to a tota...

Digitalization of Standards


Most companies report their economic activity in the form of accounting standards. In the US, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) help the accountants, managers, information system designers, investors, and auditors in the ...

Fisher Effect

Fisher effect is that which proposes that, if the real interest rate equals the nominal interest rate minus the expected inflation rate, and if the real interest rate were to be constant, then the nominal rate and the inflation rate have to be adjusted on a one-for-one basis. A simpler definition wo...

Banking in Vietnam


Vietnam is one of the developing countries in Asia and its financial services sector does not have much history as it is in developed nations such USA and European countries. There were no organized banks and other financial institutions in Vietnam up to the late years of the 20th c...

Extension of existing line: Mobile E-Banking


This research paper focuses on the continuous innovation category. Its main domain is the mobile phone banking which is an already existing venture thus this type of innovation is referred to as the extension of an existing line. E-banking is also referred to as internet banking; it is where o...

Financial Ratios


A financial ratio is a comparative degree of two preferred arithmetical values taken from an organization's fiscal statements. They become habitually used in accounting, to ascertain the overall financial state of an organization. Before investing in a company, investors need to scrutinize...

Homelessness in America


Adetula explains that homelessness is a big problem in the USA. It has become so rampant that there are about seven hundred and fifty thousand people (both adults and children) who have nowhere to call home at every given home. This is according to the research done by National Alliance to end...

The Perception of the Chicago Economists


The global financial crisis that started in 2007 through 2008 up to 2009 was the worst in the world economy since the Great Depression in 1930. Its genesis according to many economists across the world was the collapse of the US housing and mortgage industry. The international economy suffered...

Canadian Economic Action Plan



The Canadian Action Plan sets out five approaches towards stimulating economic growth to restore public confidence and support Canadians and their families during the hard period of global recession. The elements of the plan as presented by Jim Flaherty the minist...

Offshore Banks


Offshore banks are money institutions that are located outside the home country of the depositors. Offshore banks are mostly associated with a high level of confidentiality offered ton their customers.

Similarities between the offshore banks and the mainstream banks


North Korean Nuclear Program


The manner in which the U.S president handles the North Korean restarted nuclear program will greatly determine his re-election prospects in the elections to be held in a three months time. The Americans are watching the president's move closely since they are very concerned about the Nort...

Value of the Dollar


The measurement of the value of the dollar is carried out by using the exchange rates, the treasury notes and also by the total value of the dollars that are held by the foreign nations. Basically, these three measurement tools are normally in sync with one another. However, regardless of whic...

Foodmart Inc.


Foodmart will win the suit against Masterpiece for breach of contract and specific performance. This is because under the law of contract, it a general rule that only the parties to a contract: the promisor and the promise are responsible for the contract duties and any rights emerging from th...

Business Processes


Roles and responsibilities must be translated into a set of processes in order to facilitate efficient service delivery to end users. A business process under this context is a collection of related, structured activities or roles that result to a specific service or product for a specific cus...



How are accounting numbers used to monitor this agency contract between owners and managers?

Accounting gives an analysis of the operation of a business. It is through them that the way a business is run can be evaluated. There are various ratios that are used to analyze the f...

A Perfectly Competitive Market


A perfectly competitive market is one in which no single firm influences either the equilibrium price of the market or the total quantity supplied in the market. Thus, a firm operating in a competitive market has no incentive to supply at a price lower than market equilibrium price, as it can ...