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Breviary of Philippe le Bel

Many celebrated curators and artists around the world have described art and design as the music the deaf and hear and dance to, the song the dumb can sing along and the portraits the blind can see; art is something that unites people from all walks of life. The purpose of this essay is to briefly analyze one of the most ancient pieces of art work; Breviary of Phlippe le Bel. It is believed that those works were the brain child of Master Honore (1296)

Breviary of Philippe le Bel

History of Art Survey has observed that this extraordinary piece of art can be described as uninterrupted narrative capturing the scenes two scenes featuring David (King David) from the old testament (HAS). In Breviary of Philippe le Bel, the main focus is not to develop a drama scene but rather to capture the main characters. In the piece of art, Master Honore the first portrays David being anointed by Samuel as Saul looks on from above, then it portrays David preparing to hurl a slingshot at the wounded Goliath and in the final phase David cuts off the head of the fallen Goliath.

It is believed that the works of Breviary were extraordinary pieces of art and were meticulously and the first recorded book was an illuminator of the French Royal court (Günther). This "artistic" representation of the French Royal Court was used to represent the events that took place in 1297 in France when Pope Boniface VIII canonized Louis IX; in addition to that, it was used to show the humility, determination and piousness as displayed by David before he ascended to the throne to become King David. Another significance of the Breviary of Philippe le Bel is to show the impact that the artist work had at the moment; it helped to bring to an end the famous leadership conflict that was taking place at the moment.


Art is a broad field that cannot be exhausted; this essay has however discussed the Breviary of Philippe le Bel and its symbolism and the role it played in the ancient French republic.

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