Successful Car Repair Business Strategies

Car Repair


The paper is about starting and running a successful car repair business. A car repair business can be profitable if proper marketing is done to it. Owing to the fact that to a large extends this will be pretty much a service-oriented business, then the quality of the service ought to be excellent. First of all, in such a business marketing has to be done in a very careful way to avoid targeting the wrong audience.


Marketing as an aspect that should be taken very serious for the success of any business serves many functions. Marketing is very important for a car repair business because it's through such an initiative that the business will get to attract clients. In marketing the business out sourcing some of the services can be necessary to ensure that the company doesn't end up with increased overheads and diminished returns. Vital aspects of outsourcing which are closely related to how the company can strategize in marketing will be brought on board to help the company to be a success. For the car repair business out source they basically reduce their running costs and related expenses which is one of the main and basic aspects of any serious business activity.

The strategy, marketing, positioning of the products/services and competition

The business will have to ensure that the quality of service it offers is appealing to help in developing loyalty among customers. Another aspect of the strategy to make the business a success is to focus on customer care to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the kind of services offered by the business. According to Ferrell, O & Hartline, D (2008) if at all the business is interested in making bigger profits and still ensure that they have high productivity ought to emphasize on outsourcing.

A few environmental forces that may affect marketing include competition, poor communication skills, and poor positioning. Like many companies interested in boosting their sales and making more profit, this car repair business can use strategies like fair pricing in a bid to position their products and services for maximum competitive advantage in the marketplace. Most businesses that are involved in providing services tend to give their customers the best prices to win them over because the market for these kinds of businesses is normally very dynamic. One of the systematic approaches to the application of relevant marketing tools for the business would be to ensure that the spare parts used are the original one, not the generic ones which become faulty shortly after fixing them.

The best marketing strategy for this business will be ensuring that the repair cost is fairly priced, very little time is spent on one single repair and no delays owing to the fact a car repair is pretty much like an emergency and in most cases abruptly. This being a problem that requires being fixed in the shortest time possible quality has to be observed to ensure that a better job is done in the shortest time possible. Segmentation is also another aspect that needs to be taken seriously if the business is to stamp its authority in different markets. This is basically dividing the market into strata or groups and providing the various clients' different packages and incentives to attract them and develop loyalty in them. For this business different packages for different groups has to be emphasized for instance the upper-class middle class and the working class. The pricing for the products and services should be based on that kind of stratification. Based on this segmentation, the upper-class segment will have to pay slightly more owing to the demanding nature of that segment of the market. This group will be the most profitable for the business because as much as they insist on quality, they are always willing to pay more so long as they get quality service. According to Hardy to boost sales and help market the business, a pricing mechanism will be put in place together with a value proposition for the service through differentiation and positioning.

These being a business that many have invested in, competition will be very high because some of the competitors are using after sale services to win customers. The main two competitions in the market are doing very well because of their emphasis on after sale services they offer and their current positioning in the market is very high and strategic. They promise to go an extra mile to give discounts to their customers. One of the possible competitive advantages our service can use to differentiate itself from these competitors is fairly pricing the cost of services and doing high-quality services.


The company would want to be perceived in a positive way by engaging in straightforward dealings. The business requires all the necessary areas to be properly coordinated and execution of the strategy from marketing, positioning of the products and services and last but not least handling competition to ensure that the business remains competitive and afloat.

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