Hitlers Table Talk

Hitler’s table talk- 1941-1944

Adolf Hitler was an Australian-born German politician and was the leader of the national socialist worker’s party which was commonly known as the Nazi party. Adolf Hitler was the Germany’s vice chancellor from the year 1993 to the year1945 and thereafter served as the head of state from the year 1934 to the year 1945. Hitler is mostly remembered for the role that he played in the leadership in the rise of fascism in Europe, the holocaust, and the Second World War. Hitler’s table talk is the title that is given to the precise conversations that were made by Adolf Hitler and were recorded by various people and later published in several languages(Albert, 1976).

Hitler’s Tables Talk, 1941-1944, His private conversations

The subject of Hitler’s table talk has for a long time been a major subject of controversy. The table-talk has Hitler in conversations and saying things such as: “I shall never come to terms with the Christian lie. . .”; “Our epoch will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity”. These were some of the statements that were said by Hitler in his table talk conversations that were recorded privatively. These were conversations of a man who more than anything else he attempted to destroy the western world. The Hitler’s table talks secret conversations at the Hitler’s headquarters from the July of the year 1941 to the year 1944 on November were all put into recording. The conversations were about Hitler talking about all his enemies, his friends, his secrets, his failures, his ambitions, his dreams and his intimate relationship and associates at each start and end of a war day in Germany.


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The most important remarks made by Hitler was at dinner occasions with Hitler and other Nazi members, these notes were taken by Heinrich Heim from the year 1941 to 1942. In the year 1951, Henry picker published his version of his notes and other collected conversations the volume “Tischgespräche in Führerhauptquartierin” which was a publication in the normal German language. These publications were later made in French and English in various editions. One of the most controversial tables talks edition was the English edition by Trevor-Roper edition which centered on the question regarding whether there exist a relation and accuracy in depicting his attitude between the translations made in English and the conversations that were made by Adolf Hitler. In this paper of Adolf Hitler’s table talks and his secret conversations, these are the major issues that were recorded in Hitler’s conversations (Albert, 1976).

In the night of July 15th in 1941, Hitler made his secret conversations on the issues of religion and Christianity in particular. He declared that National Socialism cannot be in existence together with religion. This was an implication that the religion would have to demolish themselves as a result of long-ruling and existence of the National Socialism. According to him, replacement of the church with something of the equal value would be terrifying due to the fact that in England, the church to individual status had governance which had much consideration by the state whereas in the United States of America it was a pure matter of orthodoxy. Hitler went on to state on that the biggest blow that had happened to human beings was the coming and the spread of Christianity; this was due to the fact that bolshevism was the results of Christian’s illegal child. In addition, the war of the deliberate lies in the matter of religions which was as a result of the Christianity introduction to the world.

Bolshevism applies lies of the same form in the issues that pertains bringing liberty to men, although in the real sense it seeks the enslavement of men. In the primeval world, the relationship between men and gods were existent on a natural respect since it was the world that was rationalized by the idea of tolerance among his people. Hitler went on with his conversation to state that Christianity was the first principle in the world that was responsible for the action of execution in the name of love, the chief factor to this was as a result of the intolerance of the Christianity religion. Were it not for the start of the Christianity religion, there would not have been the rise of other religion such as the Islam. These were Hitler’s standpoints on his controversy on religion and in precise Christianity. However, historians claim that the English version of the tables talk is a poor translation of the Genoud’s French rather than the actual German language (Richard, 2002).

On the night of the 22nd to 23rd of July in 1941, Hitler made several conversations regarding his friendship relationship with England; Hitler talked of the British’s arrogance as the birth of the industries in Germany that led to the completion between Germany and England. This finally led to the understanding that lasted for long and according to Hitler, it was the end of the sense philosophy and the artistic that British had. He said that the English person was only superior to the German man the respect of pride due to the fact that the only individual who knows to give orders has the sense of pride in him or her (Richard, 2002).

During his private conversations, Adolf Hitler on the midday of 25th July 1941, he stated that Romania had to become an agricultural country; he talked of how the country would direct the wealth of her soil and in specific the wheat farming to the market of the Germany. In exchange, Romania would receive the manufactured goods that it was in need of (Jonathan, 2002).

On the 24th of January in 1941, Hitler’s private conversations were focused on the issue of how the Britain state could beat the United States of America, according to Hitler; this was only possible with Winston Churchill and Roosevelt out of the government system. “One day the English will realize that they’ve nothing to gain in Europe. Sixteen thousand millions of debts from the First World War, to which have since been added nearly two hundred thousand million! The Conservatives must reckon that, in order to gain a rapid success in Northern Norway, for example, they would have to pay for this by abandoning India. But they’re not so mad as to envisage such a solution!

If they want to save New Zealand and Australia, they can’t let India go” these were Hitler’s quote regarding the issue of the retain possibilities of winning against the United States. On the same date, Hitler received a guest by the name Himmler with whom he discussed the issue of reorganization of the administrative services and taxes plus the importance of the lessening of bureaucracy. He emphasized on to ways of revising the administration namely the reduction of the budget and the reduction of personnel and included the less complex process of restriction in one’s self to taxes such as the tax in luxury goods and on a stamp duty (Jonathan, 2002).

On 20th august 1942 during the midday, in one of Hitler’s private conversations, he had invited special guests namely Dr. Lammers, Dr. Tffleragk and Dr. Rothenberger. His conversation on this date was mainly on the issue regarding crime and laws. According to Hitler, crime should receive a judgment regardless f the size or complexity of the crime. The issue of punishment was whether it was done for revenge, a way of prevention or a technique of correction. Hitler’s standpoint on the law to wrongdoers was for it to be practiced in a merciless manner (Richard, 2002).

On the issue of weapons and weapons training, Hitler said in his private conversations that with a new type of weapon, it depended much on the hands onto which the weapon was first delivered, in this conversation he was refereeing to the Germans experience in the use and the availability of weapon an in precise the ’34 machine gun that was used during the first world war. On another piece of private conversations, Hitler commented on a prince in the NSDAP and this was what he said “Princes constitute a race unique in the world for the depth of their stupidity; they are the classic example of the laws of selectivity working in reverse.

If the Habsburgs were to return to Hungary, they are so stupid that their presence would immediately give rise to a crisis without parallel. There are circumstances in which an attitude of passivity is absolutely untenable. With each generation, the Princes of Europe become a little more degenerate” he said that the European royal families are descendants of the old prankish nobility which was a foundation by Charlemagne and has faded away via the process of inbreeding. These conversations were clear of his opposing views on the British royal families (Albert, 1976).

These above are a few of the vital private conversations that were held by Adolf Hitler from the year 1941 to the year 1944. However, many historians and researchers have brought controversy in the translation of the above private conversations by Hitler to other languages. For instance, it is said that Adolf Hitler was Christian and a very religious man whereas in his private conversations he is accused of talking ill about Christians.

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